Best bathroom ideas

After a hard day, you may want to relax, but where can this be done best if not in the bathroom?

A lot of people consider such a room as their additional small world. Designers and furniture manufacturers have noticed this trend, and have invested their whole soul in best bathroom designs. The article will help you understand what kind of furniture is better for our bathroom and how to make it cozy and unique using simple DIY decor.

Furniture for bathroom

The choice of furniture for the bathroom depends on the available space and the style of the interior. There are currently dozens of available solutions with wide possibilities, from classic bathroom furniture to futuristic glazed cabinets and shelves. Still, try to perform it in the same style as the rest of the interior has.

The bathroom is one of those areas in the house, which design does not change for several years. Thus, the solid materials and workmanship determine the specifics of furniture for the place with high humidity and frequent temperature changes. It is also worth taking care of functionality and practical solutions. On the market, there are dozens of interesting bathroom ideas of furniture that can be used both in large and small spaces.

Hanging furniture

Hanging cabinets are also a good solution and often used in best bathroom ideas of famous designers. You can choose from the simplest designs to the semicircular constructions with transparent or matte doors. These can hang in almost every bathroom, and the lack of traditional furniture legs makes it easier to keep the floor clean. The withdrawable drawers are especially useful for storing towels or cleaning means.

Also, there you can accommodate laundry that is waiting for washing (if a washing machine is placed in the bathroom). Instead of traditional wardrobes, you can also use wicker baskets, wooden crates, or even boxes of matching color.

Cabinets with integrated mirror

Can you imagine a bathroom without a mirror? Probably not. This is a very important element for everyone who uses the bathroom. The mirror can be an independent part of the bathroom or used in a set with a cabinet over the sink. Also, a mirror can be an additional part of decor if to equip it with a stylish frame.

To give the space a more modern style, use a large mirror or cabinets with mirror facades. Use a lot of glass elements that add some additional light. You can also have a consultation from a professional from A.K. Studio Cyprus how to do this correctly. Also, there you can get advice on the choosing best bathroom layouts.

Shelves in the bathroom

Not all bathroom accessories need to be stored in closed cabinets. You can put some everyday cosmetics in an easily accessible place, such as a shelf.

It can be mounted in different places:

  • built into the wall;
  • placed under the mirror;
  • set near or under the sink or bathtub.

One of the interesting and beautiful bathroom ideas is to use an open shelf under the washbasin. A shelf can also be a sink top with enough space for all the necessary accessories. However, it should be remembered that such a top must be made of waterproof material and well-sealed at the place of the junction with the washbasin. The same rules apply to shelves next to the bathroom or in the shower. If you have a bathroom with a low wall that separates the toilet, it can also be used as a shelf.

Commercial Projects

No matter what type of open storage furniture you choose, remember that everything should have its place in the bathroom. In the room, which is associated with cleanliness should be no chaos.

Decor for bathroom

Here we are ready to present you the top bathroom designs consisting of 17 simple and easy made options to change the decor.

1 Bathroom accessories

Let’s start with the accessories that are in almost any bathroom. The soap dishes, dispenser bottles, storage containers. Buy a new set of such items, and the room will immediately look in a different way. This technique works especially well if the interior is designed in neutral colors. Then new accessories will become bright accents and can radically change it.

2 Shower curtains

Another integral attribute of a bathroom is a curtain. If you choose an unusual option, the interior may transform in the way you need it.

3 Flowers

Living plants are rarely found in the design of a regular bathroom, although nothing prevents to place them there. You can choose succulents in small pots, put a pot with a big plant on the floor, or even try some hanging options.

4 Wicker baskets

As mentioned above, this is a popular option for decoration and practical storage in the bathroom. There you can store laundry or various necessary little things. The advantage of such baskets is that they add comfort and touch of ethnicity to the room.

5 Laundry baskets

To collect dirty laundry, you can choose not only a wicker basket but also models made from textiles. Now they are presented in a huge number of options. Choose a basket with an interesting design, and it will become an additional accent in the interior.

6 Mirrors

In a common bathroom, the mirror is usually one, and it hangs above the sink. However, you can always violate this rule. The additional mirrors are not only the beautiful interior accessories but they also visually expand the space.

7 Colored bottles and storage containers

The beautiful colored glass or self-decorated bottles will become an unusual element of the decor. In tone to them, you can pick up containers, baskets, or boxes, and create an interesting composition.

8 Towels

This seemingly unremarkable attribute of the bathroom can become an interesting part of the decor — for example, store towels in a certain way. For example, a row of equally folded towels of different colors becomes an element of the design.

9 Rug

You can experiment with a rug in the same way as with a shower curtain. Choose an option with an unusual design, and the interior will transform.

10 Lamp

Mirror lighting is an important attribute, especially for women who often perform cosmetic procedures in the bathroom. Try to diversify decor options choosing a lamp of unusual shape and design. For inspiration you can look for images of beautiful bathroom ideas online to implement them in your house.

11 Unusual shelving

An interesting idea for storing things is a simple wooden ladder. You can hang towels on it or attach boxes and put various accessories there. Such functional decor will add rustic charm to the bathroom, and you can DIY easily.

12 Table or ottoman

For lovers of long bathing procedures, it will be very useful to have a small table or ottoman in the room. On the first one, you can put a book or put a glass of wine while you bask in the bathroom. On the second – to sit down or throw a towel or bathrobe.

13 Chandelier

It is rarely possible to meet a beautiful chandelier in bathrooms. It is believed that a chandelier does not belong to the bathroom interior, or it is solely an attribute of spacious areas. Still, this is not true, and a chandelier can not only look organically in the space of even small bathroom but also becomes it’s a bright accent.

14 Extraordinary faucet

Of course, this option cannot be fully considered an express method for updating the interior, but if you plan to replace the old one, it can be considered. Try to choose an extraordinary model, for example, in a brutal industrial style. It will definitely bring personality to the interior.

15 Marine accessories

A marine theme is often used in the design of bathrooms – so why not add some appropriate accessories to it? For decor, you can use beautiful shells, corals, starfish, and mother-of-pearl items.

16 Paintings and posters 

It would seem that to hang a paper in the wettest room of the house is crazy. However, this is a fairly popular design technique. Just use posters and paintings in special frames. 

17 Wall panel

A more practical type of wall decor is a panel made of ceramic or plastic elements.

By the way, about ceramics. Instead of paintings and panels, you can use decorative plates – this is also an unusual and convenient way to decorate the interior of the bathroom.


Hygiene is of the utmost importance for each human. From early childhood, parents taught us that self-care is extremely important. Thanks to modern technology and A.K. Studio Limassol specialists’ efforts, anyone can get the best design of bathroom.

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