Best design of living room

Everyone wants to live in a cozy, practical, and beautiful environment. Proper interior design is a key aspect of this. From the living room begins the acquaintance with the house. The interior design of the living room is what gives the impression of the house and its owners.

The living room in any home is the central place where guests and family members are usually gathered, relaxing, and watching the TV. Its design requires a special approach. It should be cozy and comfortable for everyone. A stylish living room is the face of your home. It should be modern, stylish, and functional. Below are presented some popular living room ideas which will be helpful in creation of the best interior design.

Best design of living room

In the organization of space, the zoning of the room is the most relevant today. It is a trend that has gained popularity due to its convenience and functionality. No need to put up walls.

You can separate one zone from another:

  • color design;
  • placement of furniture;
  • flooring;
  • lighting;
  • and in other ways.

In the living room, you can dine with friends, watch movies, read, and even work. If the dimensions of the room allow, select separate places (zones) for all these cases. For example, in the center, you can put a sofa with armchairs and a coffee table opposite the TV. You can compactly place a table and an armchair for work in a corner when there are no guests. On the other side of the room or behind the central zone (depending on the layout), you can put comfortable ottomans or leave chair-bags for reading or another relaxing.

If you have any difficulties with the correct arrangement of zones, or with the choice of general living room design ideas in Cyprus, then you can always ask for help from the designers of A.K. Studio Limassol.

Furniture for living room

In the modern living room design, there is a wide scope for creative imagination. It involves the use of several new-fangled trends so that the room’s environment meets the requirements of functionality. Since furniture is an important part of any interior, it is necessary to seriously approach the question of its correct choice. Let’s look at the most popular styles that are used by professional designers.


Today, futuristic motifs are used in all areas of art, so interior designers could not ignore them when decorating premises. In this direction, furniture should be multifunctional, reliable, and technologically advanced. For high-tech style, the experiments with colors are possible, but the basis should be 1-2 main colors.

There are much more options in choosing the materials used:

  • concrete;
  • artificial leather;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • plastic.


Techno-styled furniture is very different from the traditional one. Ordinary wardrobes, shelves, and nightstands here resemble coffers, vaults, or boxes. Their forms are diverse, but the most common are cylinders and parallelepipeds.

Commercial Projects

Stools with round metal legs are perfect for this style, so it’s better to refuse chairs. Seats on stools can be plastic, glass, or metal. In the techno style, the low upholstered furniture with synthetic upholstery is used.


In this direction, from the pieces of furniture should be used only the most necessary:

  • Minimalism does not use decorative shelves, chairs, or cabinets. Here in the first place is the functionality of every detail.
  • For such a living room, modular cabinet furniture is perfect.

Vivid colors are not allowed, so all shades are extremely neutral – black and white, brown, gray. They help to divert attention, and not to concentrate it on a separate section of the room.

Geometric shapes should be as clear as possible. The most difficult moment for the designer is to achieve strict forms with an asymmetric arrangement of interior items.


For the design of living room in the loft style, furniture stylized as minimalism or antiquity is suitable. The main thing here is that the pieces of furniture should contrast with the surroundings. In terms of materials for upholstery, it is better to choose jacquard, leatherette, or jeans.

The design of loft style living room suggests the presence of dark furniture. However, to avoid monotony, experts recommend diluting the general background with one-two objects of light colors. Instead of a sofa or a bedside table, you can use a chest that will give the atmosphere a sense of antiquity. Plus, it can be used to store things.

Art Nouveau

In this style, every detail is aimed at achieving unity with nature, so here you will not find clear geometric shapes. Art Nouveau implies smooth lines and asymmetry, which is consistent with natural motives.

For the design of such a living room, wooden furniture without painting and varnishing (to achieve maximum naturalness) is often chosen. The dominating shades are brown, beige, and coffee as they blend with white perfectly. The upholstery of upholstered furniture and textile materials are selected to match these colors.


It is often difficult to stop on particular interior design, so you should pay attention to the fusion style, which is perfect for fans to mix different directions.

When selecting furniture, each item must be assigned to a specific group. For example, decorate hinged furniture in one style, soft furniture in another, etc. The most important thing is to maintain harmony and not overdo with its mixing.

Decor for living room

Decoration and accessories of the living room is a very delicate and individual matter. Of course, you cannot do without decor at all, because it is the unique and inimitable part of the style of an ideal living room. For implementation of your living room decor ideas use carpets, vases, lamps of unusual shapes and paintings. Also, it can be souvenirs from different countries.

When decorating, do not forget about living plants as well. They can add bright colors to your interior, and sometimes even become its main element of living room decor.


To create a unique design of the living room, you should use fantasize a little. Only your ideas will help to make the interior original and distinctive. Specialists of the A.K. Studio company are ready to help with ideas and their implementation. We will think over the design of high-quality and stylish living room ideas, which will perfectly fit into the interior of your apartments! Contact us to find out more.

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