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    Among apartment customers in Cyprus, the extreme popularity gained the elite design of an apartment. No matter how much square meters the apartment is, the zoning of space remains the same.

    If you made up your mind to order an elite design for your apartment in Cyprus, you could apply for the Studio of design. Only professionals work for the studio who can help you to realize your dreams and ambitious at reasonable prices. The price of the elite design of an apartment in Cyprus is rather affordable. Before making an order, it is recommended to study the full set of services provided by the company.   

    Project-design peculiarities

    Before the start of construction works, it is necessary to work out the project design. The decoration of space in a chaotic manner will not bring the desired result and also will cause extra expenses. 

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    Project-design – is the process of realization, creation of an interior with consideration of all stylish and technical distinctiveness with regards to client’s demands. The process of project development includes both visualization and preparation of all the necessary documentation for the realization of the project.  

    The project-design in Cyprus includes:

    • Preparation of drawings;
    • Worked out a plan of the premise;
    • 3D visualization;
    • Specifications;
    • Authors supervision.

    The estimate report is done in accordance with the project, including the selection of necessary construction materials, furniture, lighting equipment. The careful and adequately worked out design-project is a key to achieving a high-quality exclusive design. If you wish to have the interior design of the best quality, you are welcome to apply the professional services provided by our company in Cyprus. 

    The Studio of design in Cyprus

    If you have the desire to make an exclusive and creative interior of your apartment, we recommended to apply for a professional service. Our agency has specialists who can recognize all your wishes and requests.

    The studio of design provides services in the sphere of interior design in Cyprus. It specializes in the development and creation of elite design by giving high-quality results for thousands of clients.

    The provided design services comprise the following:   

    • Decoration of an apartment regards to individually developed project, concerning all the details; 
    • Individual approach. During project development, specialists of the studio use all their creative potential and modern style directions;  
    • Consideration of all client’s thoughts, wishes, needs, and ideas. The decoration of your apartment will be done according to all your style preferences and your lifestyle. To preview the final result, we create 3D visualization and 3D model;
    • Execution of the project at all stages (estimations, purchase of materials) allows the client to save time and money. The supervision is carried out at each stage of the project.  

    Talking about the price of the project-design in Cyprus, we can say that it is variable. Many factors influence price policy, such as the scope of works, the size of an apartment, etc. In any case, the price is reasonable and affordable for a wide range of users. You can check more detailed information by visiting our website. If you need to order the design for your apartment in Cyprus – do it now by applying for professional services provided by the specialists to agree with all the details. By using our design studio, you will get the best quality design for your apartment on favorable terms. 

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