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The design for office in Cyprus
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    Office – is a premise which comprises many functions and usually has a planning of “open space”.

    If you need design for an office, the best solution is to apply for the experienced specialists in this sphere. Today the creation of design for offices in Cyprus is trendy. You may choose the best suiting variant. Moreover, you may order the design for your office in Cyprus right now by visiting the company’s Website. 😎

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    It is a tricky task to develop the design for the office in an “open space” style. The difficulty is that you have to transform dozens of people into one space, providing at least minimum isolation and comfort for each working zone. Also, the planning for managers’ premises and reception zones for providing services to clients should be considered.

    The peculiarities of design in modern style

    Office – is a visit card of any company. For this reason, very often, offices are decorated to incorporate colors, trying to create a solid and memorable impression on partners and clients.

    While developing the project-design for office in a modern style, the following aspects should be avoided:

    • Decorative ornaments;
    • Details.

    The usage of monochrome color range, muted tones, and minimalism is the key to success.

    Also, the modern office can be designed in a high-tech style. For this, glass and glittering materials should be used.

    The design for reception at the modern office

    The design of a reception forms an opinion of partners and clients about your office. That is why it is necessary to perform is in a comfortable and eye-catching style. Particular attention should be paid to the furniture. In the reception zone except the reception desk, soft furniture for the clients with small tables with booklets/magazines should be placed.

    The office design depends on the status of the company and its level. For instance, the company which is a branch leader, the perfect design solution is fitting of the reception desk with expensive materials, expensive sofas, and armchairs made of leather.

    Manager’s room in modern style

    The manager’s room should differ from other office premises. Nevertheless, it should fit the primary conception of office design. This will create a harmonious effect. In the manager’s room in the modern style, the innovative elements should be presented, the furniture should be modern and at the same time harmonious with style. Also, a couple of designer’s objects should be displayed (table, sofa, armchair, etc.). Besides, in the room, the following zones should be provided: zone of relaxation, working zone, and zone for negotiations.

    The designers’ assistance in making an interior design of modern office

    Our specialists are ready to help you to develop a modern project-design for your office, which will be comfortable and prosperous. You can see the examples of our works in the “Portfolio” where our specialists demonstrated their skills and professionalism. We take into consideration all your wishes and ideas and only then create a 3D-project of visualization of the premise. This technology allows you to see how your office will look like after completion of the construction works. If necessary, you can make changes.

    If you are interested in the price for the creation of design for office in Cyprus, the price variates depending on different factors and can be overpriced. By ordering our elite design for an office in Cyprus, you are sure to receive a result for the most reasonable prices.

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