The design for office premises

The design for office premises in Cyprus​
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    If you need a design for office premises in Cyprus, you need to find a company that provides services in this sphere. The design for office premises in Cyprus – is the main direction in the field for many years.

    The first and primary impression the clients have when they come to our office: the pleasant, friendly staff and stylish interior will make a positive impact on people. The company design should correlate with the company’s profit and make it outstanding among competitors.

    The peculiarities of design in Cyprus

    The specialists create interior design for an office and also decorate the business premises. They will provide you with a high-quality result for the most reasonable prices.

    The design studio provides the following types of service:

    • Design of office interior, business center, different studios, beauty salons, etc.;
    • Repeated design(re-design);
    • Repair works.

    If you decided to order an interior design for an office, you should forget about standards. Today the crucial point for decorating of meeting room and manager’s room – is modern style and excellent materials. For the correct design of office premises, it is essential to follow the rules with a sense of limitation. The extra expensive and precious design may have a negative impact on the clients. It can form a negative impression of your company.

    The interior design should fit the tendencies of modern fashion and show the unique style of the company. The office can be done in any contemporary type: classic, minimalism, loft, high-tech, Scandinavian, modern.

    The specialists of the design studio will develop for you a design-project for modern office premises.

    The project for the office should be realized with the consideration of visualization and concept. The color range should reflect the activities of the company. The general atmosphere should reflect its profitability. To have such an effect, our specialists use various decoration elements, proper selection and arrangement of colors, also carefully planned distribution of space.

    Important aspects of office design

    The office should not only be presentable and harmonious but also share the general atmosphere, which concentrated on gaining profit and success. That is why while ordering the project-design, you should remember, except the harmonious external look, about the functionality of space:

    • All office space should be divided into functional zones;
    • the furniture should be comfortable;
    • proper lighting;
    • sound isolation norms should be considered etc.;
    • the appropriate ventilation system should be used.

    For the high-quality realization of the design project for an office, our specialists work out all the necessary aspects (architecture, heating system, ventilation, conditioning system, lighting, etc.) with the consideration of project task and specification of the premise. The experience of work in this sphere allows our employees to perform the project works quickly with high quality with consideration of the owner’s rules.

    It is recommended to order the design for office premises in Cyprus in a full scope (sketch + 3D visualization + development of working documentation + engineering aspects). All mentioned above aspects are linked together. Therefore the documentation and engineering aspects are done with the consideration of the planned sketch of an office project. By visiting our Website, you may learn the detailed information about the peculiarities of our company and apply for its service.

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