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    It has been a long time since such floor covering as tile even that of high quality attracted visitors only with its presence.

    Before people did not pay much attention to such nuances as the color or size of tiles, it was good enough to have it at home. Today modern specialized shops turned to be a so-called “tiling paradise” regarding the diversity of goods demonstrated.

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    To make shopping pleasant and productive, the manufacturers suggest to your attention tile collections that can satisfy any taste. Online shop presents tiles to order in Limassol, which you can buy online at favorable prices.  

    Tile shop: requirements

    Before making the final decision, it is recommended to check is the tile chosen corresponds to the main quality criteria: 

    • The product must be of precise form and size;
    • If the product has enough level of resistance to damages and worn out (if there are small children or animals in the house, it would be useful to know); 
    • Safety first! Floor tiles should not be slippery. It is easy to check by putting a drop of water on a slab and swipe your finger on it, and the anti-slipping effect will be seen at once.

    Color and design

    Tastes differ. Before buying the tiles, it is essential to measure the size of the premise. Otherwise, you can squander money. Sure thing in a spacious bathroom, any tile floor cover will look great. There are many design ideas for you to choose from. All depends on your taste, though there still exist some basic rules:   

    • it is not recommended to line bathroom with extremely bright colorful tiles, saturated inserts on calm background will fit much better; 
    • Excessive decoration is not needed as it can create a messy effect of which you will get bored very soon; 
    • Do not try to create an exquisite design yourself by combining incongruous. The idea can be quite good, but the result will be unpredictable. It is better to choose existing sets of Italian or Spanish tiles from best manufacturers, whose collections already combine all necessary elements of decor. 
    • Do not try to save money on the decoration of your bathroom. This service is quite expensive, but it is worth money to spend on it. It’s worth trying to save on the decor of your shower. That is not a very cheap pleasure, but it is necessary. Borders, friezes, decorative tiles will make your room individual with exclusive unique design.

    It is important to remember that 90% of color vision will depend on lighting. If lighting is not so bright in your bathroom, the variation of ceramic tiles will seem in a few tones darker. If the light is natural, provided there is a window in the room, the color of tiles practically does not change. 

    For kitchen fitting, it is usually recommended to choose tiles with kitchen utensils depicted on it, such as kettles, cups, various landscapes. While selecting the tile, you have to remember that the light tones visually enlarge the premise, and contrasting hues will enrich the kitchen room and change your perception.   

    If the size of your kitchen is large, you can use big, bright pictures. It is not recommended to select embossed or textured tiles, as it will accumulate fatty plaque, which is challenging to clean off. The best option will be decor with smoothed surfaces or glazed tiles.

    One of the most common fitting types is tiles to order Cyprus, which will also fit your kitchen decoration harmoniously. 

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