Decor mistakes

Each of us strives to make the home as comfortable, stylish, and modern as possible. To achieve the desired result, we are ready to spend considerable money and make a fair amount of effort. Still, unfortunately, this does not always become a guarantee of success in such a difficult matter as an independent design and home improvement. To avoid the most common interior design mistakes, use the simple tips below.

Biggest Interior Design Mistakes

Mistake 1. Abundance of accessories

An empty wall should not be filled with something. When there are too many paintings or decorations, the room starts losing its coziness. In order not to overdo with decor, follow the same principle as when choosing jewelry – a large number of accessories look ridiculous and tasteless. That is why you should think as carefully as possible when choosing a place for each decoration of your interior. Also, try using accessories made from different materials to give the room a more interesting and diverse look.

Mistake 2. Placing pictures too high on the wall

All paintings in the house should be located at eye level so that anyone can appreciate your choice. Paintings should also hang in proportion to walls and large pieces of furniture, such as a closet or bookshelves. Do not buy paintings that are too large or too small – such decorating mistakes distract attention and destroy coziness and comfort.

Mistake 3. Artificial plants in the interior

Artificial plants look at least ridiculous – unlike natural flowers, they do not create comfort and do not give a sense of harmony with nature. If you do not have time and desire to take care of living plants, then it is better to get another decoration for the designated place and forget about house design mistakes connected with artificial plants and flowers.

Mistake 4. Excessive enthusiasm in the decor

The artificial decoration is the work of professionals. Skilled designers have access to quality materials, tools and know how to avoid all design mistakes. They have experience and special knowledge. That is why we recommend contacting A.K. Studio Cyprus designers for help. However, if you cannot afford such help, you can try to do the simplest DIY decoration, like decorating curtains or updating photo frames.

Mistake 5. Huge variety of design ideas

Of course, you may like the interior that you saw in the glossy magazine and the fabric bought at the sale, but this does not mean that all these ideas will fit your interior perfectly. The combination of completely different ideas, especially unusual ones, can lead to disharmony and other interior design mistakes. To avoid this, prioritize correctly and remember that everything must be well-combined and in a single style.

Mistake 6. Too many carpets

Use carpets purposefully, emphasizing the dining area, or highlighting the bed. Do not buy small rugs. Otherwise, you will visually divide the room into unequal parts.

Mistake 7. Mix of various prints

You should be extremely careful when choosing ornaments. There should be only one bright picture in the interior, which will contrast others that are moderate and dim.

Mistake 8. Putting the cornice fasteners directly above the windows

To visually stretch the room’s space, hang the cornice as high as possible to the ceiling. In addition, drape the curtains correctly – the fabric should flow gracefully along the walls and slightly touch the floor.

Mistake 9. Too many colors

It is not necessary to choose a color for each room. The overall color scheme will create a harmonious picture of the interior. If this sounds boring to you, try playing with the shades and texture of the walls.

Mistake 10. Wrong organization of space

It is very important to have a clear idea of the space in your home. This will help you choose the right furniture – comfortable and not taking up much space. Draw a diagram of the house and try to imagine where and how best to place the furniture.

Commercial Projects

Also, take care of the correct lighting – the lamp near the mirror will significantly increase the space, while a poorly lighten room (one of most common home design mistakes) will seem smaller. If this task seems too hard, then turn for help to professionals from A.K. Studio Limassol that will help to create the perfect interior plan.


To avoid interior design mistakes is sometimes extremely difficult. The design of each house is too individual and depends on many different factors. Still, you can avoid the most serious mistakes by listening to the tips presented above. If the decoration process in Cyprus seems unbearable to you, then you can always turn to professional designers from A.K. Studio Limassol for help.

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