Flowers in the interior

Indoor plants break the sharp geometricity of the lines of standard residential architecture and create bright textures harmoniously perceived by the human eye against the background of even cold colored walls.

The flower interior design is necessary for relaxation from the rapid daily routine to residents of noisy modern cities, such as Limassol. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right plants for your interior and make them a unique and perfect part of the decor.

Choose the right color and type of flowers

 Using plants, you can solve many problems:

  • creating a pleasant green atmosphere in the house;
  • zoning and visual increasing of space;
  • highlighting the advantages and hiding some of the shortcomings of the room.

Properly selected plants bring a real zest to the interior. A.K. Studio Cyprus designers have special rules for decorating living spaces with flowers, so do not hesitate to contact them for advice. 

Also, the world’s leading designers adhere to three basic rules of flower interior design.

  1. If you have a dark room, then experts recommend picking plants with bright green leaves.
  2. Plants with large leaves are best placed separately, focusing on different zones, but flowers with small leaves are perfect when assembled in the composition.
  3. The flower interior can be used to adjust the size of the room. For example, plants with wide leaves visually expand the space, and ones with long, elongated stems, make the ceilings higher.

Atmosphere and comfort in floral design

Here we offer you the TOP 10 most popular plant species today with advice on using them in almost any interior style.

1 Trees with fruits

Citrus trees are trendy. You can grow them DIY from the seed, but you will have to wait for the first fruits. Such a tree will fit well into any interior, from Scandinavian to eclecticism, and can become the centerpiece of a room.

2 Flowers that are not in pots

Even the most ordinary plants will look different if they are planted in other, unexpected objects instead of a pot. Asymmetric pieces of wood, stones with a notch, dishes, and even shoes are suitable. An art object can be decorated with starfish, shells, and light garlands. Do not forget to take care of your impromptu pot’s tightness because the plant needs to be watered.

3 Dried flowers in the interior

If there is no possibility to care for natural flowers, but you do not like artificial ones, choose a compromise. Dried flowers are used not only in a flower arrangement. Professional A.K. Studio Cyprus designers create volumetric compositions from leaves and petals in baskets, vases, or glass flasks.

4 Florarium

Another kind of interior flower decoration under glass is a florarium. This is a partially open container in the form of a polygon or ball. Closed glass jars and bottles are also suitable for some types of plants. Inside the florarium, flowers are planted in the ground, as usual. Unlike standard pots, inside them are created the whole eco-world from several types of flowers or an analog of a small forest. Compositions are decorated with moss, ferns, stones, and dried flowers.

5 Artificial flowers

It’s time to part with stereotypes about artificial flowers in interior design. Now, this is not a miserable likeness, but a beautiful analog of living plants. The advantages are obvious – lack of care, lack of allergies, almost endless life, and the ability to place it anywhere, for example, in a bathroom where there is no sunlight.

6 Horizontal flowers

Pots-panels in which the flower will not grow up, but do it sideways, look beautiful in any part of the house. It is important to choose a plant that will not stretch and occupy enough place at the same time. Stone roses (succulents) look very advantageous for such purpose. Moreover, they are quite unpretentious. These flowers have many varieties and shapes, and their shades range from pale green to deep purple.

7 Flowers on the ceiling

Even ordinary pots with familiar plants can look very original. Remove them from the windowsill and hang them under the ceiling. A.K. Studio Limassol designers propose to do this with the help of rails and horizontal bars, hanging flowers on a fishing line. Make sure that the pot is firmly fixed and does not fall to one side. Care for the decor remains the same – watering according to preferences and timely replanting.

8 Moss on the walls

Stable moss is used to decorate restaurants, offices, and apartments. This natural, hypoallergenic, and durable decor does not require special care – it is enough to maintain air humidity of at least 40%.

Commercial Projects

It can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen, but in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall on the moss. Once a month, you need to remove dust from it, using a cold blower or a vacuum cleaner with a low power mode. With proper care, the plant will become a highlight of the interior and will live about ten years.

9 Flowers instead of clothes

No, we do not invite you to dress in flowers, it’s about your old floor clothes hanger, which was bought during the repair or before purchasing the cabinet. If it gathers dust in the pantry, it’s time to use it for floral decoration. Instead of shoes on the pallet, there will be massive pots and boxes with plants, and smaller specimens can hang on hooks at the upper crossbar. So, you can create multi-tiered compositions.

10 Floral domination

If you love flowers very much, then do not look for special rules and examples, just plant them everywhere. Let them hang from the ledge, hide among books on the shelves and occupy most of the space. Still, it is important that the plants were aesthetically combined with each other.


Indoor plants are an elegant decoration of the interior. They can be live or artificial. But if artificial flowers perform an exclusively decorative function, living plants create and maintain a comfortable microclimate in the room and purify the air of toxic substances. In any case, the interior with flowers bring warmth, calm, and good mood to the living space.

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