Greenery in interior design

At least one living flower in a designer pot will be a great addition to any interior. Plants add dynamics to the home, introducing a touch of natural spontaneity into the designer’s human-made idea.

The greenery interior design can become a brilliant piece of decor if placed according to a well-thought-out project. That’s why A.K. Studio Cyprus interior designers recommend fans of greenery at home to initially include the desired plants in the sketch of the future environment and take their choice as seriously as choosing the finishing materials and accessories.

What should be greenery interior design

The most common options for placing greenery are in a row on the windowsill, in groups on the floor, in a large tub where several plants are planted, in the corner of the room, or on the principle of a green island among household appliances or upholstered furniture. To make the greens look optimal in your home, follow a few design tips.

  1. The room looks more stylish and spacious if indoor plants are collected in the area reserved for them.
  2. In order to ensure that design efforts are not wasted, you should consult with experienced A.K. Studio specialists about the plants in interior design that you want to purchase. Some of the plants sometimes do not feel very well next to other species.
  3. In a small room, it is not always worth placing a large plant, for example, a palm tree, which will «eat» a free place. An option for a small kitchen can be ivy in the hidden pot, and with the branches that are stretched over the ceiling with fixtures.
  4. Plants, as well as souvenirs, must correspond to the interior style – in the classic living room, there must be expensive noble plants with abundant green foliage. And the cacti are more appropriate in ethnic styles and – in limited numbers – in the interiors of Techno, Loft, and Hi-tech.
  5. For plants’ placement, appropriate “backs” should be selected; for example, a large plant with plentiful dark foliage will look more advantageous against a background of light walls. The brighter options, on the contrary, are preferable for walls with a darker design.
  6. Bonsai and decorative bamboo need the support of accessories – Japanese decor things, such as figurine or doll. But this is true only for rooms that are NOT performed in a Japanese style.
  7. The floors and walls finished with marble or leather, and metal furniture are well-combined with greenery that has distinct silhouettes.
  8. The best framing for interior decorating with plants is wood and ceramics surfaces (yes, it’s about the pots).

Choose the right type of plants

For such popular styles as hi-tech and various types of minimalism, large non-flowering plants such as dracaena, sansevieria, ficuses are often used.

Each modern interior style is especially welcomed by orchids – both in pots and cut ones. Orchids magnificently refresh the hi-tech and cold minimalism and are good for small-sized rooms where you cannot set a large houseplant.

However, modern styles include not only minimalism but also various variations of the Japanese style. The bedrooms of these styles are distinguished by a traditionally low bed, modern lamps, and paintings. A flower in the corner can perfectly complement the decor, and it does not have to be a bonsai or ikebana. A large indoor plant in a large pot, generally accepted for Western design, is quite suitable.

For the design of rooms in the Scandinavian style, flowering plants in pots have always been used. It is also a Chic style technique – to pick up bright pots of contrasting colors in relation to colors of the entire interior.

Commercial Projects

Still, in interiors of modern styles, the pot for flowers and plants almost directly comes to the first place, rather than the plant or flower itself. At the same time, the pots of unusual shapes are used for this purpose. These pots will fit well into any room in the style of minimalism, especially the kitchen.

Stylish atmosphere with plants in interior design

When choosing plants for placement in a newly renovated apartment, it should be remembered that each style corresponds to their specific types.

  • A place filled with wicker furniture will be well completed by ivy, jasmine, orchid.
  • Lush flowering plants can accompany Victorian Classicism and American Country style.
  • Hi-tech indoor plants interior design welcomes two or three small pots with exotic greenery.
  • In the interiors performed in the Provence style, we place violets, geraniums, indoor roses, hyacinths, as well as pots with herbs.
  • Pop art style appreciates exotics, but follow the one direction of greenery in interior design – either palm trees and cacti, or orchids and roses.
  • As mentioned above, orchids are also good for Fusion, Modern, and High-tech interiors.
  • You can place beautiful edible plants in the kitchen miniature bushes of cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, small lemon, and orange trees.


The greenery is designed not only to refresh our homes but also to emphasize the interior style features that you have chosen for decoration. That is why A.K. Studio Limassol designers include at the stage of creating 3D visualization projects such detail as greenery interior design.

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