Curtains are an important component of any room. With their help, you can create the desired atmosphere of the room, for example, glamorous boho-chic or cozy country. Improper curtains can become an obstacle in creating a certain appearance. It is important to know of which design curtains are worth attention and which ones should be avoided. You can buy curtains in Limassol without any problems, but it isn’t easy to find high-quality yet affordable goods. One such place is the company A.K. Studio website that works directly with suppliers and manufacturers.

Choose a style

There are several window curtain styles to choose from. They can be divided into several types.

  • Modern and minimalist. Its design is usually clean and simple. The modern style is known for straight lines, several colors, geometric and relief patterns. Curtains on windows of this type are suitable for any room, large or small.
  • Classical. These curtains are ideal for rooms in a glamorous or luxurious style, as they are giving them a traditional and vintage look. Curtains of this type will never go out of style. Heavy and luxurious fabrics such as velvet or silk are often used to create such products. These curtains are always long, usually touching the floor. They are ideal for tall windows in a vintage style.
  • The neo-classical style is between modern and classic. It is not so sophisticated as classical but not too simple as minimalist. The neo-classical style combines the best of both, as it contains clean lines of a modern and vintage look of the classic. Lambrequins and scallops are an integral part of such type, although they are most suitable for a room in an official style.

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Type of fabric

Natural fabrics

A feature of fabrics made from natural materials is that they always look very elegant and create a special aura in the room. Such materials are quite versatile and can be used almost everywhere. Among the most popular are:

  1. Silk;
  2. Velour;
  3. Wool;
  4. Cotton and linen;
  5. Tulle;
  6. Viscose.

  • Speaking of silk, many immediately imagine a flowing, pleasantly felt fabric that always looks expensive and decorates the room. The difference between natural and artificial is that the first is more wear-resistant, although it requires more care.
  • Natural velour is characterized by hairiness, as well as a rich appearance. The fabric is practical and not too whimsical to care for, but to wash curtains from velour, you need to be very delicate and not to do this too often.
  • Wool – the material is very beautiful, but it is advisable to use the wool curtains in a room located on the darkened side. This fibrous tissue is prone to fading in the sun.
  • Cotton and linen are materials of plant origin that are resistant to sunlight. Both of them can wrinkle, and therefore it is important to iron them well after washing. The best option is flax or steamed cotton.
  • Tulle is a fabric known for the fact that it can be either natural or made from synthetic materials. It is characterized by lightness and transparency. Usually, it is washed without problems by using a delicate wash mode.
  • Viscose is another popular material for the manufacture of curtains, which is characterized by strength and durability. Obtained from wood pulp, it is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and moisture resistant.

Synthetic fabrics

In addition to natural materials for curtains, synthetic fabrics are often used. They are also durable, unpretentious in care, and look great. Among the most common are:

  1. Jacquard;
  2. Blackout;
  3. Atlas;
  4. Organza based on polyester;
  5. Crepe de Chine;
  6. Chiffon.

  • Jacquard belongs to the category of expensive and very beautiful materials. It is very durable, and the ability to choose the right color option impresses any lover of the beautiful.
  • Blackout fabric is a material that is used to keep out UV light. Curtains can be made with various patterns, as well as have various additions in the composition. However, a sunscreen effect is mandatory.
  • Atlas today is made with an admixture of viscose or synthetics. This makes it more affordable, especially since the fabric has excellent durability.
  • Like the atlas, natural organza is rarely used today. The high cost of the material makes it less popular, and therefore, people often choose organza mixed with polyester. Refined and transparent, it looks very rich and will decorate any room.
  • Crepe de Chine – the material is very cheap, so it is suitable for those who prefer a modest but cozy interior. It is characterized by an affordable price and has a simple, but quite a decent look.
  • As for chiffon, this fabric is light and sophisticated. Curtains made of it are practically weightless and can look great both in the kitchen and in the living room.

Width and height of curtains

In order to select the right size from a variety of curtains online sale, it is first necessary to measure the cornice, window, sill, and the distance from them to the walls, floor, and ceiling. To more accurately take measurements, use a metal tape measure. It holds its shape well and allows take measurements without distortion.

To choose the right length of curtains, you will need to determine what type you will use in your room. The following are the main one, depending on their length:

  • Standard long curtains. The size of this type of curtains is equal to the distance from the cornice to the floor minus 1-2 cm;
  • Extra-long curtains. The size of this type of curtains is equal to the distance from the cornice to the floor plus 20-30 cm.
  • Short curtains. The size of this type of curtain is equal to the distance from the cornice to the upper edge of the window sill.


To create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere in your house, you need a lot of different items of home textiles, and curtains play an important role here. We all want the room to be bright, cozy, and family-like warm. A.K. Studio Cyprus suppliers offer a wide range of different models to buy curtains online. You can choose and buy curtains ready for every taste and from such brands as:

  • Alessandro Bini;
  • KT exclusive;
  • Mandelli;
  • Byron&Byron.

But before you buy, you should definitely decide on the size and length of the product. We also recommend that you consider other characteristics of your room, such as lighting and size. Curtains should harmoniously fit into the style of the interior of your home while not burdening it and tightly covering the entire space of the window preventing access to sunlight.

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