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Even when decorating a studio type apartment, its owners often wonder what types of interior doors can be applicable in this case.

Doors are an indispensable element, even in rooms where the design does not make an accent on their presence, they should be.

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After all, it is impossible to separate the bathroom from the living room if not to buy door. Therefore, before starting a repair, the first thing you need to choose is the interior doors. Products differ from each other by the method of opening, by the material of manufacture, the number of hinge straps, the presence of additional decorative elements. To buy doors that would ideally fit into the design of premises is quite a difficult task and this article may help to make it easier.

Kind of the interior doors

In general, there are three main types of interior doors.

Swing doors

Perhaps this is one of the most famous species that you have to meet daily. They got their name from the possibility to open forward or backward. Their design is very simple, and they can be used in any rooms, but, unfortunately, they have one rather big drawback – to open them, you need free space in the room into which this door opens. Here it is necessary to consider the layout of the room and provide this extra space for comfortable movement.

To choose which interior door to choose, consider the following classification depending on:

  • Door leaf number. The larger the doorway, the higher number will fit into it. So, if the width is up to 900 mm, then one is enough, and if more – use two or more.
  • Opening sides. There are «left» and «right» doors.
  • The material of manufacture. It plays an important role in the comfort of the room, as different materials have different thermal conductivity (a property that characterizes the ability of a door to retain heat or cool in a room) or sound insulation.

Sliding doors

The main feature of such doors is the saving of space, which they perform by opening along the wall. Thus, the place that was occupied due to the need to open the swing door can be used for any other piece of furniture.

What are the sliding doors depending on the method of opening?

  • Common sliding. These are single-leaf doors, sliding on a special roller mechanism.
  • Double sliding – here we are talking about double-leaf, sliding in different directions on the same roller mechanisms.
  • Cassette – the best option for small rooms because they do not move along the wall, but they go inside it. Due to this, they do not occupy the space in the room at all.
  • Folding doors. They are quite similar to sliding doors due to the fact that they are opened using a roller mechanism, but their peculiarity is that they do not hide behind a wall or in it, but are folded according to the «concertino» principle. Thus, they occupy a place not in the room itself, but in the doorway. Therefore, if you have a small opening width (less than 900 mm), then this type of door will not suit you.

Determine the size of the door

The choice of the type of door depends on many factors, and its cost is quite important. The price category of doors online is determined by the materials, design, and method of opening. Of great importance in the selection of designs are the dimensions of the room and its configuration.

Depending on your choice, the general style of the room can radically change, or you will experience difficulties in operating the selected door. For example, if you have a small room, and you are trying to install a large door that will occupy half of the free space, then why even install such a door.

In order not to be wrong with the size and style, you can always ask for help from a professional consultant from A.K. Studio Limassol door store.

Choose color and functionality

Well, we are all interested in the question of what kind of interior doors are. These are four main kinds depending on a number of parameters.

  1. Doors with one or two leaves. Depending on the type of room and its purpose, the doors may have one or more leaves. Single-leaf options are ideal for ordinary rooms and small office rooms. Double-leaf will be an excellent solution for country houses.
  2. Glazed or blind models. Glazed doors look more presentable, but however, blind models can provide an atmosphere of privacy, which is a prerequisite for some rooms, for example, bedrooms.
  3. Smooth or embossed models. The smooth polished surface is simple and unpretentious to care for, which is why such interior doors are often chosen for offices or public premises. The embossed surface is the perfect solution for home interiors.
  4. Doors are manufactured from a natural tree (pine, beech, ash) or artificial materials. Models made of natural wood are very expensive and beautiful but have a higher cost and difficult to care for. At the same time, the manufacturers often offer more affordable types of interior doors made of veneer or eco-veneer. In addition, interior doors can be made of artificial materials such as MDF, fiberboard, and particleboard.

Think about soundproofing

Different types of doors provide unequal sound insulation. The plastic folding doors are worst of all dampen external noise. The soundproofing properties of doors which consist of a set of aluminum (less often wooden or plastic) battens are also low.

Modern manufacturing techniques of MDF doors involve filling the internal volume with cardboard laid like a honeycomb – this is how doors with better sound insulation are manufactured. In comparison to wood, cardboard itself is less prone to sound transmission.

If you plan to use doors made of aluminum, you should remember about its high sound conductivity. But aluminum occupies about 10-15% of the door area, so the contribution of the profile itself to the soundproofing properties of the door is small. More important is filling. If it is a single glass – the achieved soundproofing of the doors will be very low. Another thing is double-glazed windows – the performance of a single-chamber double-glazed window (made of 2 glasses) is quite high, and a two-chamber (made of 3 glasses) is almost ideal for most rooms in the house.

Doors made of solid wood have good soundproofing performance. Indeed, the heavier the door, the better noise protection it provides. However, in any case, the sound insulation of common wooden interior doors is low – the existing noise level is reduced only by 10-20 dB.

To reduce the noise going from under the door are used various sills. In addition to the usual wood, plastic, and metal, there are special heat and sound insulating sills made of combined materials, supplemented by a brush seal. The threshold must be at the door of the bathrooms, as this is the requirements of not only sound- but also waterproofing. In all other cases, if you do not want to stumble over it, you can install only an inconspicuous brush seal in the lower end of the door.

What about the security?

Modern manufacturers of door furniture can satisfy the most varied demands of consumers in the range of locks for interior doors. Such locks differ not only in their external design, size, and shape. The main difference is the principle of locking, depending on the purpose and degree of accessibility of the locked premises.

Before acquiring locks on interior doors, it is necessary to decide who will use the room and how often, whether it is necessary to lock the closed door, is one or two-way locking really required. Having figured out the functionality, you should decide on the type of locking mechanism, and only then proceed to the selection of the model.

Types of interior locks

The entire range of locks offered by manufacturing companies today is divided into four large groups:

  • latches;
  • mechanisms with a clamp;
  • turnkey locks;
  • magnetic locks.

The simplest type of fixation of a closed door is a lock with a latch that does not provide any fixation. This mechanism is a small cylinder with a spring-loaded tongue. The opening occurs by pressing or turning the door handle. Such interior locks are used in rooms that do not require locking – kitchens, living rooms, children’s rooms.

The next in terms of complexity are mechanisms with a clamp. They are installed in rooms that need to be fenced off for a while from outsiders – bathrooms, toilets, cabinets, bedrooms. Locking occurs from the inside by pressing a special button or by turning the lock knob.

Turnkey locks are very similar to common locking mechanisms, but are designed for double-sided locking and unlocking with a key. They are used for rooms, access to which is allowed to a limited circle of persons.

The youngest among their counterparts are door magnetic locks – modern analogs of latches. Instead of mechanics, they use the force of two magnets – in the door leaf and door frame. Such devices work silently but depend on the uninterrupted power supply.

Style of the doors

The interior of the room is formed by a combination of many elements, materials, and building structures. The types of interior doors on the market are varied in the arrangement and materials from which they are made. They differ in design, thereby providing the possibility of their use in rooms with different styles.

The choice of interior doors for a country house, apartment, or office is based on a number of conditions – the attractiveness of the appearance and the style of the room, design reliability, way of opening. Ask for designer consultation if you have any difficulties with a choice.


As you can see, the types of interior doors for sale are quite diverse, and thinking a lot about their choice will be useful. Here you need to soberly weigh the pros and cons, consider even the smallest nuances of the interior, and only then make final conclusions. Therefore, on the basis of varieties of design, it is not worthwhile to judge whether it is a bad door or a good one – you need to solve this problem by looking at the material and craft.

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