There are several types of parquet, differing not only in their characteristics but also in the  quality of the material. After reading this article, you will be able to determine  the optimal type of parquet for sale from A.K. Studio Limassol and decide what exactly to choose.

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About the type of parquet

Now we will talk about some of its types and features:

  • Glued-laminated parquet – consists of strips of standard sizes. Due to the many natural shades, an original mosaic pattern is obtained. The technology allows you to install an additional soundproof layer at the base of the coating.
  • Decorative parquet. The manufacture of precious coatings is entrusted to the best craftsmen. The pattern of multiple weaves is a work of art. A unique decorative parquet requires large areas and serious resources. But, like no other – emphasize the status of its owner.
  • Inland parquet. The base layer is attached by using special rails. Smaller wood planks of valuable species make up the top layer.
  • Solid parquet. Rivets for it are made from solid wood. The presence of protrusions and indentations (ridges and grooves) provide reliable fixation of the strips. It is a durable and practical coating, attractive, and available in a wide range of colors.
  • Parquet board is a fairly old version of the coating. The bar for this floor is three-layer. A prerequisite is the transverse arrangement of wood fibers. This increases the resistance of such a floor to wear, moisture, and temperature changes.
  • Modular parquet. A mixture of different techniques and forms allows embodying the most unusual design decisions.
  • Block parquet – the oldest and most common type. The boards composing it have a characteristic shape and are made of hardwood. Depending on the texture of the wood, the type of cut, and the resulting pattern, there are several subspecies of this parquet.

Find the best color of parquet for your interior

The color of the floor, although not primary in the decoration of the room, but its role is great. The right combination of parquet color, walls, and doors can create visual effects of expanding and stretching the space, harmonize the interior. You can use both light and dark colors of parquet of various shades. Both options are acceptable, each for its style of interior.

The light colors of the parquet, in combination with the light tint  of the walls, reflects the light well and creates a feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness, and freshness.

The light floor and ceiling with dark walls create a visual effect of the room’s lowered height, especially if the room has a large bright window or one wall is decorated in light colors.

Light wood coatings can be tinted in cold colors. This color scheme can be used in the design of interiors in modern styles. Also, with the help of light natural wood tinting, you can get gray shades of parquet and use them in trendy interiors, for example, in Minimalism, and even High-Tech.

The yellower the shade of parquet, the more it is suitable for classic interiors, Country-style ones, Provence, etc.

The combination of light flooring and light wallpaper perfectly harmonizes the rooms of bedrooms and living rooms on the south- and south-west side of the house, where there is always a lot of light.

Dark tones are associated with stability. Dark-colored parquet floors are perfect for large rooms with high ceilings. In combination with light wallpaper, such floors will create a bright contrast. You can use the dark tones of the parquet, both in classic interiors and interiors in ethnic styles.

With the help of a parquet of different colors and shades, it is possible to zone the room, which is especially suitable  in studio rooms.

It should not be forgotten that the creation of various colors and textures of intricate compositions from parquet has always been considered special chic and luxury.

Also, it worth mentioning one thing. All the colors and tones of the flooring are good in their own way. You need to choose one that is suitable for your chosen interior concept, and then your parquet floor will look great and will serve you for a long time. If there are any difficulties with a choice, ask for help from professional A.K. Studio Limassol designers who will certainly give valuable advice about how to buy parquet flooring.

Choosing the best materials for floor

  • Oak flooring

The best material for wood parquet is oak. This parquet has an aesthetic appearance, is quite durable, and has a well-pronounced texture. In addition, the cost of it will not be so high compared to exotic types of wood.

  • Beech – an excellent material for parquet

Both oak and beech have a homogeneous structure, and therefore, can be easily ground and polished. Beechwood flooring is also not too expensive.

  • Maple flooring

If your home is dominated by dark furniture, maple flooring is just right for you. By the way, this wood has the ability to change color over time. Even the lightest tones of such a parquet will acquire an orange tint. This feature must be considered to avoid possible disappointments.

  • Walnut is also a good material

Despite the fact that walnut wood is very solid, it’s perfect for processing. Walnut parquet has a beautiful relief pattern, is moisture resistant, and not prone to cracking.

  • Ash flooring

A unique yellowish tint characterizes ash parquet. Ashen parquet has many advantages. It is durable, has sufficient elasticity, and also can be processed.

Of course, this is far from all types of wood used for the parquet production, but only the main ones. To understand what kind of wood is right for you, consult the A.K. Studio Limassol specialist and he will help you to buy parquet wood flooring.


What should I look for when choosing a parquet?

  1. The appearance of the floor must meet the general style of the interior of the room. The A.K. Studio suppliers offer a wide selection of flooring, so it is not difficult to find and purchase the optimal option.
  2. The durability of the coating directly depends on its quality. When buying goods, check for a certificate. Among trusted A.K. Studio suppliers are such famous brands as Cadorin, Déco, I Vassalletti, Junckers and others. All of them provide the production of high-quality and absolutely safe for human life.
  3. The parquet flooring cost – what to choose inexpensive or high-quality material? First of all, you should understand that the cost form of consumables and installation costs. Sometimes, giving preference to a cheap option, results in spending much more on its installation and replacement in future. Parquet is a coating that is not worth saving on.

Eco-friendly materials are the key to the health of homeowners. By choosing natural materials of parquet for sale, you ensure safety for yourself and your loved ones.

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