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    Our children are growing up, and that what makes delighted them yesterday, today cause the rejection. Therefore, the teenage room design requires special attention.

    What is the difference between the design of the teenager’s room and the nursery, which was so cute and relevant a few years ago? Every day children are trying to separate from their parents more and more, so you should admit and consider when this planning repairs and choosing teen bedroom ideas.

    Teen girl bedroom ideas

    Of course, children’s rooms for teens should be filled with the most durable and safe to use, and for health things, because even though the girl by her height and weight are almost grown-up, she remains a child. The furniture must withstand spontaneous and funny pranks of children so that games do not end with injuries. Also, not forget that the corners of the furniture located in the girl’s room should not be very sharp or bulge, because the children’s rooms in modern apartments are not very large as a rule.

    For girls, and for any teenagers, it is important that even in a small room was spacious. Therefore, when looking for teen girl bedroom ideas remember that the furniture for the teenager’s room should be functional, mobile, and modular. It can always be removed, rearranged, or used at any other discretion. Also, the furniture must be of the highest quality, since the spine of a teenage girl is still forming.

    If a girl’s cute teen room ideas for small room, you should not install big wardrobes in it. It is better to let them be located in the corridor or somewhere in the living room because the main thing is to provide any teenager with the necessary and essential free space.

    If there are not enough chairs for friends whom she will invite, multi-colored pillows come to the rescue. If there is nowhere to keep clothes of all other seasons, you can try to put them under a bed or table. If the bookcase requires too many free places – try to take some of the unnecessary books out into the other room and leave only the most necessary.

    Teen boy bedroom ideas

    Finding the best teen room ideas is quite difficult – the child grows and changes quickly. The new interests and preferences in colors, styles, and designs are appearing. Therefore, it is important to always consult with your child about teen boy bedroom ideas, and it is best if the A.K. Studio designer speaks to him.

    In the boy’s room, the decorativeness is not so important. It’s better to make an accent on practicality, functionality, and comfort. Therefore, Loft, Industrial and Scandinavian styles are a good choice for the teenage interior. In such a room, it is easy to maintain order, and numerous posters will successfully fit into the atmosphere.

    In all other respects, you can adhere to those tips as in the case of decorating a girl’s room, since they are very versatile.

    Decor for teen rooms

    If the interior of the room is initially decorated using calm shades and inexpensive materials, you can adapt it to the teenage worldview using the following teen bedroom ideas:

    Our works

    Wallpaper or coloring. It is a question of partial replacement of an existing covering, for example, making one or two walls more active, interesting, and choosing a beautiful, lively tone of paint, or a wallpaper with a geometric ornament. If there are several niches in the room, you can decorate them in this way too.

    Use clean canvas

    You may not have artistic talent, but with what pleasure the teenager will put his favorite colors of paint on the canvas, even in random order.

    Use the right lighting

    In addition to the fact that the light must be of high quality, it can be beautifully designed, since the assortment of lamps on the market allows this. Ideally, if in addition to the main light, the room has a table lamp and a decorative lighting source (night lamp or floor lamp). Still, let your child choose the design. Be sure – he will deal with the task with all responsibility.

    Themed decor

    Depending on the chosen style of the room, it must be filled with teen bedroom decor objects appropriate to the image. Thanks to this, a teenager’s room will acquire a unique character, inspiring his owner with a cozy and harmonious atmosphere.


    The room design for teens, in essence, cannot be a simple matter. Still, if you treat it with thoroughness, you can create the environment necessary for the future development of a worthy person.

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