Architectural projects

Everyone wants a «perfect home.» Do you like reading in a comfortable armchair in a sunny room?

Do not want to face problems such as indoor heat? Do you dream of admiring your home, both close and at a distance – its harmonious forms, interesting and at the same time restrained interior design? Then you need a quality construction project.

It should be not only the embodiment of reliability and durability of the building (the structural part of the development) and comfort in the house (engineering) but also the corresponding type of building (exterior and interior, interesting architectural solutions).

Architectural design in Cyprus

Many people mistakenly believe that creating an interior design is just the development of sketches. But the work is carried out in a much larger volume, as a professional must draw not only a picture but also create technical documentation. Of course, you can draw everything in your head. But it is much more difficult to translate ideas into reality. An understanding of the technical aspects is needed here.

Good taste alone is not enough to create a stylish interior design. Therefore, the services of professional designers are quite in demand in modern society. The professional architectural designer can turn any vision into reality. It is enough only to tell about how you imagine the interior, apartment, or office. The designer will do everything possible to transfer that image to reality as accurately as possible. At the same time, the wishes and tastes of each client will be considered. 🤩

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Today a person has many more opportunities for decoration of living space. The abundance of building materials, modern technology, a wide selection of design styles – all this allows experiment, create original and non-standard combinations. A person can surround himself with convenience in everyday life while filling the room with sophistication and beauty. Everyday practicality and comfort can be well-combined with individuality and luxury.

What is architectural design

The appearance of design in the first half of the 20th century was a consequence of the fact that architectural creativity was separated from the elements of the material environment in mass production. Today, such forms of design as architecture and interior development are as close as possible to specialists in this industry in order to be able to solve problems related to improving human life.

It can be said that the architecture and design of apartments is a kind of design connected with special tasks, which is characterized by the use of spatial-subject organization in the complex, regardless of the sphere, whether it is residential or socio-cultural.

Another point worth mentioning when describing the interior design of Limassol premises is the ability to work both with new, under construction objects, and with existing ones that are subject to reconstruction.

With the right approach to this issue, you can have not only a beautiful house or cottage but also to make durable, with an abundance of useful characteristics.

If the basic layout of the building and its architecture are ready, then you can proceed to the design of the interior design of individual rooms. This will help to create a pleasant atmosphere in the house. The architectural design Limassol company A.K. Studio is always ready to help you with such services.

Architectural design types

The choice of a style solution for the interior of residential premises is a task which importance can hardly be overestimated, because your mood and performance, comfort, and convenience of life depend on the right choice.

When deciding on a particular architectural style, it is important not to make a mistake. Otherwise, it may happen that the layout of the apartment will not be convenient enough, and the details – wallpaper, furniture, carpets that you liked separately, together with do not complement but contradict each other. Therefore, the main task of the architectural designer Cyprus is to make sure that the overall line is traced in the interior design, and its individual elements are harmoniously and naturally combined with each other, creating an integral image – a certain style.

Classicism, modern, art deco, minimalism, hi-tech, kitsch, ethnos, country – this is not a complete list of styles that exist in modern interior and architectural design Cyprus. Many of them, in turn, are divided into several areas. A mixture of styles is also acceptable – a kind of cocktail. So, in the «classic» interior, there may be elements of modern, the only condition is that they must be appropriate, and harmoniously fit into the surrounding space and emphasize the individuality of the owner.

Why do you need architectural design for your home

There are a number of points for this, among which:

  • These developments become the basis for an interior designer. Without them, there will be no complete idea to specialists about architectural implementations, and as a result, the customer will have to answer many questions from the contractors in order for the project to be implemented correctly.
  • Neighbors are different – one will not respond to the proximity of the building near to its site, the second will cause a scandal and possibly even sue. You do not need such problems – the architect will take care of the exact compliance of the project with all requirements and standards.
  • Do you want the house to have a sunny nursery or living room, a remote bedroom, a cozy kitchen? Still, hesitating and deciding where to place which room? All this provides individual house architecture for the benefit of the customer – the most obscured of the sides can be left without windows, compensating this by the location in this part of the building of spacious storerooms, a boiler room, etc.
  • In order to avoid problems with the coordination of the project, it is important to have properly prepared documentation on hand – it is, first of all, necessary for obtaining an architectural and construction passport.
  • It will not be necessary to explain «on fingers» where to set ventilation ducts, where to start, and where to finish. The workers will have a clear idea of ​​this.
  • A project should give even the simplest home a charisma. With the use of architectural techniques, professionals will be able to make housing expressive.

Choosing right architectural designer in Cyprus

If you need a project for building a house, then A.K. Studio architectural design company in Cyprus is ready to offer:

  • fully developed master plan of the building created by professional architects, taking into account all basic engineering requirements, as well as ergonomic rules;
  • selection and use of only environmentally friendly materials for the construction and refinement of a modern house;
  • not only paper maps of rooms but also 3D modeling using special software – you can see the smallest details of the future result;
  • development of a stylish interior and exterior design, taking into account all possible communications that will be brought to the house (water supply, electricity, sewage, gas, etc.);
  • use of modern minimalist furniture fittings while maintaining all the necessary functionality;
  • preparation of necessary documentation;
  • calculation of technical and economic indicators that may arise;
  • ability to work with an already finished building with its subsequent improvement.


A.K. Studio will make sure that the decisions made are rational – and all thanks to the integrated approach of specialists in various fields of activity (technologists, engineers, architects, etc.). All architectural projects can be successfully implemented, as evidenced by the examples of finished house designs presented on the site.

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