Interior design in Limassol

Interior design in Limassol
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    A modern interior is a space reflecting the inner world and the character of a person, his lifestyle, values, and habits. This is an environment in which a person feels comfort and coziness. In order to create a favorable atmosphere for housing – organized, stylish, and corresponding to any life scenario, people adhere to certain principles of interior design in Limassol when designing a living space. 😇

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    Following the basics of composition when developing an interior design Limassol project contributes to the creation of functional and harmonious spaces – rooms with a convenient layout, integral compositional solution, a single style, expressive color scheme, and decor.

    Interior design in Limassol

    Currently, the interior design project is becoming more popular and is perceived as a natural and necessary component of construction, repair, and decoration works. Nowadays, the number of people who want to change the layout and atmosphere of the apartment and turning to specialists for help is constantly increasing. In this article we will try to explain how attractive it is to work with a designer and what advantages you can earn from this.

    Why do you need interior design

    1. The idea

    The designer will help to unite disparate ideas of the client and the draft seen in magazines into a common concept, reinforced by knowledge of ergonomics and supplemented by the rules of organizing space.

    2. Approval

    When designing, a specialist often faces a different vision of the interior among all of its future inhabitants. So, the head of the family, for example, wants exceptional functionality. His wife has a desire for beauty, comfort, and floral wallpapers. And the younger generation wants all high-tech and modern. In such a situation, it is quite problematic to do something without the opinion of a neutral person who does not promote his own interests but follows the generally accepted norms and standards.

    3. Psychology

    To select the optimal interior solution, whether it be residential or public premises, the designer needs to clearly understand the tasks set, carefully listen to the customer’s thoughts, to catch the wave. Like a psychologist, he will write out a recipe for a relevant and healthy living space.

    4. Novelty

    In a professional career, the interior designers Limassol are constantly meet interesting solutions and innovations in the field of furniture and materials. Therefore, this specialist always has some fresh thoughts and a non-standard vision to share with you.

    5. Experience

    The experience of the designer in the development and implementation of numerous projects is also important, as some of which may be similar to your situation. Due to this, all errors in calculations are excluded. At the same time, your project will remain as unique as possible.

    6. Help with redevelopment

    A rare design project is done without redevelopment. So, be ready for the dismantling of walls and construction of new partitions. Of course, this issue requires not only special knowledge and detailed study but also coordination with many authorities. It certainly cannot be done fast and easy without the help of a specialist. The designer will offer a competent version of the layout, taking into account possible changes and preservation of bearing walls, communications, and other “untouchable” elements.

    7. Technology

    In a design project, it is important to consider, in addition to the aesthetic and utilitarian aspects, the technological nuances and design features of the object. So, during the creation of the kitchen area, the ventilation hood should be connected to the ventilation shaft, and when the plumbing equipment is removed from the risers, the additional boxes should be installed. The designer will foresee and deal with all this and many other points in the drawings and visualizations.

    8. Planning

    With the design project in your hands, you can accurately plan not only the terms of implementation and the time of ordering everything needed but also the budget. Now the cost of works, decoration materials, furniture, and accessories becomes clear, and there will be no downtime or unpleasant financial surprises.

    9. Implementation

    The design project, being a specific guide and instruction, eliminates misunderstanding with the repair team, as it clearly shows all the ideas of the client. The designer will control the solution of all possible questions which may arise during the course of work, thereby saving a lot of client’s time.

    10. Restriction

    Sometimes the customer loses head from the variety of presented products, and he wants to take and implement everything at once. The interior designer will be able to moderate the desires of the client, direct him to a suitable option, and do not allow them to deviate from the chosen concept. Considering the object as a single harmonious unit, the specialist will help to make the right choice.

    Choosing right interior designer Limassol

    Feel free to share your wishes with the designer, even if they seem to you  impossible or unoriginal. A good designer will carefully consider your ideas and will do everything to find a way to bring them to life. If your choice is not the best, he will reasonably explain why you should not do this, and help to find a compromise.


    The experience gained over the years allows A.K. Studio Limassol to create a successful interior design Limassol for any interior. We will show you the best solutions and will share the experience in project implementation.

    When we see any interior, we can immediately tell which solutions will be the best and what you should avoid. In interiors created by A.K. Studio Limassol, you will feel as comfortable as possible. Find your designer, and the repair will turn into a wonderful adventure!

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