Top color for interior design 2020

The Pantone Color Institute has designated Classic blue as the main shade of 2020 – a deep and expressive color. What do other trendsetters offer? In this article presented the analysis of 10 relevant interior color trends 2020 options according to expert opinion.

Top interior design colors 2020

Navy blue

For the coming seasons, Pantone offers two dark blue shades at once. The already sensational Classic blue and Bright Cobalt – the specialists from the Color Institute included their nine shades in + interiors 2020 trend book for interior and furniture.

  • Dark tones of blue were also considered popular by the American brand of paints Sherwin-Willaims and the British Farrow&Ball.
  • Marine Naval is among TOP 2020 interior color trends, and according to Sherwin-Willaims to the representatives, it is bold, rich, and comfortable at the same time.
  • The dark muffled Imperial Purple and Scotch Blue are in the new Farrow&Ball color palette. The brand’s designers selected a collection of 16 shades from the 1814 archive of the London Museum of Natural History.

Where to use these colors? Dark blue is an ideal background, but since dark interiors are not very popular in Cyprus, in this tonality, you can choose upholstery for a sofa, a carpet, a kitchen set, or paint for the walls in the living room.


Designers fell in love with light green and blue tones long before they learned about Classic Blue. Many of them consider mint as the most promising shade of the year.

  • Fresh, cool Neo mint was announced as a new star by WGSN experts with their Coloro system (Pantone’s rival in forecasting and color trends).
  • The slightly darker Verdigris green is in the new Farrow&Ball palette.

Where to use? A good way to add this color of 2020 to the interior is to do this with furniture, accessories, art objects, or pick up wallpapers in a mint floral scheme for one of the rooms.

Pale blue

This shade is visually even cooler than the previous one. In favor of Purist Blue, the WGSN argues that this tone looks fresh and very modern (it’s hard to disagree). Something similar to it:

Bleached Coral from Jack+Huei Design Agency,

Green Bay from the Pantone interior palette.

Where to use? Locally and very carefully. For example, you can paint a pale blue bathtub or choosing this tone of curtains for one of the rooms.


Bleached purple is apparently, the echo of Panton’s Ultra Violet, the color of the year 2018.


  • Cassis from WGSN;
  • Almost white First light – one of the popular interior design colors 2020 according to the American brand of paints Benjamin Moore.

Where to use? You can include this fashionable color in the 2020 interior of the nursery as an alternative to the usual gray-blue color scheme.

Warm pink

Or a shade of Cantaloupe – so the WGSN called it. Pantone also offers something similar in its interior palette, but darker. Pantone’s version is the saturated Rose of Sharon. It is easy to discern the memories of the Living Coral in these tones – the favorite of Panton in 2019.

Where to use? Warm pink is universal. You can make it dominant in the living room by choosing a large sofa with upholstery of this tone, taking it as a basis for a girl’s nursery, and painting the walls of the bedroom or kitchen.


The tone is often found in interiors of mid-century modern, and since designers constantly turn to this style, interest in dirty yellow or mustard is quite natural.

The WGSN has perfect mustard Mellow Yellow. Pantone option is more neutral and softer – Popcorn color from the interior palette.

Commercial Projects

Where to use? Mustard is good in any room, and in addition to mid-century modernist furnishings, it will decorate an apartment or a house in the Scandinavian style. It will become a good base for any modern setting. A muted dark blue can neutralize the excessive warmth of the mustard shade.


With black in its pure form, designers now work extremely rarely and more often rely on graphite. Look for the most fashionable option in the Pantone interior palette called Jet Black.

Where to use? Combine it with other achromatic shades – dramatic black-and-white-gray palettes are another trend in the colors of the 2020 interior. 

Sophisticated light gray

Now we are talking about universal backgrounds for everything. The most fashionable color trends interiors 2020 for walls are light and sophisticated, with many unobvious impurities. Actual options:

  • Tranquil Dawn – the color of the year according to the Dutch concern AkzoNobel producing paints and coatings.
  • Back To Nature – the color of the year, according to the American paint and varnish company Behr. It remains similar to a very light shade of cappuccino.

Where to use? Anywhere.


The most relevant green for the coming seasons is in a smoky, dull interpretation. Fashionable options:

  • Sap Green and Duck Green from the Farrow&Ball palette.
  • Bottle-green shade Adeline – the color of the year according to the British brand of paints and wallpapers Graham&Brown.

Where to use? The gray-green color of the walls in the interior of 2020 is an ideal choice. Moreover, photo panels or frescoes with forest motifs are also very popular.

In addition, you can use gray-green for the background. It looks especially advantageous in the interiors of the country and private houses. For the effect of a fashionable monochrome interior, complement the atmosphere with live plants.


The three ready-made shades of purple and gray at once were offered by the brands manufacturing the paints:

  • Almost completely gray Broccoli Brown from Farrow&Ball.
  • Delicate Canyon Earth and more airy Pale Powder – current tones of the interior color trends 2020, according to Valspar (a subsidiary of Sherwin-Williams).

Where to use? The backgrounds finished with these 2020 interior design color trends will be good in private areas – bedrooms, children’s rooms. Since violet and gray are emotionally sad, it is good to supplement them with more saturated tones of violet or with catchy finishes – velvet, silk.


Color in the interior is the first thing that shapes the image of space. The modern technology, environmental issues, cultural and economic factors directly affect our lives. More than ever, we want our home to embody security and comfort. Color encourages everyone to explore the bright side of their lives. The expression of personality, turning housing into something exceptional, creation of tranquility in the interior, and stress reduction – the correctly chosen interior design color trends 2020 can deal with it.

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