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Top color for interior design 2020

The Pantone Color Institute has designated Classic blue as the main shade of 2020 – a deep and expressive color. What do other trendsetters offer?

Room design for teens ideas

Our children are growing up, and that what makes delighted them yesterday, today cause the rejection. Therefore, the teenage room design requires special attention. What

Best design of living room

Everyone wants to live in a cozy, practical, and beautiful environment. Proper interior design is a key aspect of this. From the living room begins

Decor mistakes

Each of us strives to make the home as comfortable, stylish, and modern as possible. To achieve the desired result, we are ready to spend

Kids room design

Today, the design of a children’s room is one of the most frequently discussed topics among parents. The modern kids room design is done with

Best bathroom ideas

After a hard day, you may want to relax, but where can this be done best if not in the bathroom? A lot of people

Flowers in the interior

Indoor plants break the sharp geometricity of the lines of standard residential architecture and create bright textures harmoniously perceived by the human eye against the

Greenery in interior design

At least one living flower in a designer pot will be a great addition to any interior. Plants add dynamics to the home, introducing a

Rugs in modern design

It is not difficult to choose the best option from a wide variety of carpet ideas if you know what rug you need. In this