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Acessrories & Decorations

When planning repairs or thinking about choosing an interior styling, we focus on large forms, often losing from sight the small interior details. Due to this we not always think about where to buy accessories. It would be best not to forget about the interior’s details because, with their help, the signs of a certain style, and the home become lively and cozy.

What is important to consider when thinking about the selection of interior accessories? We outline the main points:

  • interior style;
  • color scheme;
  • space geometry (room area, its ratio to the height of ceilings, size of window and doorways);
  • possibilities of the practical application of objects and their individuality.

Let us talk on each of the above aspects in more detail.

Choose everything in one style

Interior details determine the style. So, for example, a Moroccan copper lamp will be appropriate in the Asian interior, but it will spoil the room in a classic style. Even if a professional designer works on your interior, it will not be superfluous to understand the signs of the chosen style, because you have to live in this apartment.

Correct color and shape

Accessories are a great way to create color accents in an interior and update existing rooms. A lot of bright colors may seem too intrusive and tiring, but a few colorful details will diversify monochrome and boring interior. Also, you should consider how the selected interior style is correlated with its color scheme.

A discreet living room in beige tones or an unremarkable kitchen will sparkle with new colors if you add some bright curtains, put a vase of colored glass on the table to match the textile, and a color poster on the wall. What is the beauty of such an interior? If one day you get tired, for example, of a gray interior with bright scarlet accents, you can easily change them to lemon yellow or turquoise, adjusting the interior depending on the season and your mood.

If the color scheme of the room contains bright colors (for example, a bright wall or colored facades of furniture), it makes sense to repeat the dominant color in one or more decor items, for example, choose a flower vase to match the color of the accent wall.

The basic rule is simple – large decor items are contraindicated in small rooms, and the number of small parts should be minimized. For small rooms, try to choose accessories online that have additional practical functions, so instead of sculpting, you can choose a decorative fruit vase, and use a coffee table or sofa upholstery with decorative pillows as the main accent of the interior.

Small items are best grouped according to the principle of common color, material, shape, and so on. It can be your collection of something beautifully placed on the mantelpiece or hanging on the wall (it does not matter whether you collect antiques or Mickey Mouse figurines). The selection of objects is similar in color or style (for example, artificially aged box, grandmother’s vase, an antique figure). The main principle is that even the simplest and most ordinary-looking objects, united in a group, acquire a special charm and become decor items. Of course, it is not worth overloading the space, 3-7 objects of different sizes will be enough.

Follow expert advice

Do not try to copy a picture from a magazine and immediately go for such a decor sale. Such an interior may look stylish, but it will also give the impression of an expensive hotel room. In addition, maintaining order in a room filled with strange and unnecessary things will not be easy. Designers A.K. Studio Limassol has prepared some useful tips for you:

  • In a small room, define one center of the interior, for example, the composition of objects on a coffee table or wall opposite the entrance, making it a decorative accent, and do not overload the rest of the room with details.
  • Avoid absolute symmetry, because it does not exist in wildlife! For bedside tables, it is better to choose lamps of different shapes, but similar in style, and dilute bookshelves with vases, photographs or souvenirs. Try to replace symmetry with rhythm, which gives the interior dynamism and a sense of living space.
  • Do not forget about the live decor – aquariums, indoor plants, and flowers. They will find a place in any interior. The main thing is not to overdo with it, turning the living room or bedroom into a garden.
  • Decor elements assembled into a single composition should correspond to the size of the place on which they are placed, but not to occupy it entirely.


In the presence of imagination, anything can become an interior decoration, so feel free to exhibit your collection in a visible place, pick up beautiful frames and hang family photographs on the walls and turn your home library into an interior center. The main rule is accuracy, compliance with the style and colors of the interior, and a sense of proportion.

Interior accessories do not have to gather dust or cost a fortune. Many objects can be used for their intended purposes, such as dishes, decorative sheds, vases, sofa pillows, or recording boards. You can find a huge variety of home accessories sale from suppliers on the website of A.K. Studio Limassol. Among them, you can find production of such famous brands as:

  • Alchymia;
  • Antica Deruta;
  • Baldi Home Jewels;
  • Barj Buzzoni;
  • Centro Stucchi Casilino;
  • Comit style;
  • Frandoli;
  • Frilli Gallery;
  • LineaCali;
  • Roberto Giovannini;
  • Schuller;
  • Sitap.

These will help you to buy accessories in the most convenient way and your house will obtain a unique individuality, furnished with attention to every little thing.

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