3d interior design in Limassol

3d interior design in Limassol

A photorealistic image is not always the work of the photographer. Today there is a way to create colorful pictures without a camera! Using programs such as 3Ds Max, AutoCAD, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, ArchiCAD, and the like, a 3D artist can recreate objects, interiors, and entire landscapes that seem vibrant and attractive. Their main task of 3D interior design in Limassol is to demonstrate all the external characteristics of the space even before construction works start, so today, computer visualization is crucial for architecture and interior design.

What is 3D interior design visualization

Using 3D interior design in Limassol, one can effectively show a project and prepare a beautiful presentation. In the process of working on the project, the designer can change the details in real-time the arrangement of furniture, the color of the walls, floor, or curtains. The 3D view interior design will help evaluate the design decision even before it is realized. 👇

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Even if the customer involves a professional designer in creating the interior, the final decision remains after him. No one, except the customer, can decide whether he will like the color of the walls in the living room, parquet or tiles laid on the floor, how different colors will be combined successfully. Even looking at a piece of wallpaper, it is hard to imagine how a whole room would look like, completely covered over with them.

The new graphic opportunities that architects and designers have gained enable them to work effectively with the customer, making the creative idea more visible, simplifying the perception of complex compositions, combinations, and decor elements.

3D interior design in Limassol

Instead of listening to lengthy explanations about the merits of the future project in professional terms and cumbersome epithets, the client can immediately see the finished result from all angles, in different lighting conditions, and comment on it. The better the client understands all the nuances of future design, the more comfortable he will feel when making decisions on the project.

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In addition, all changes can be made to the finished 3D interior drawing, and the updated result can be seen immediately. It helps to achieve maximum accuracy and avoid most unplanned changes during construction or repairs. When creating a 3D model, calculation errors, and design flaws that crept in at the planning stage will become apparent. Such actions allow saving a lot of supplies, time, nerves, and money.

3D interior rendering in Limassol

Three-dimensional visualization is an excellent helper for both the client and the designer. Like a high-quality photograph, the 3D rendering interior design result in a three-dimensional graphics program considers the texture of objects, their reflectivity, and transparency.

The lighting setup is an essential stage of 3D interior rendering in Limassol. Guided by the laws of physics, the program will accurately calculate the «behavior» for each ray, which source is the sun, sky, or lighting devices. High-quality rendering requires large computing power and takes a lot of time, but it is determining the realism of the final picture. The computer calculates the power of the lamps, the color temperature, all the shadows and glare that will occur on the surfaces of the furniture. A 3D artist can turn on and off any light sources, simulate a bright summer day when the sun’s rays pour from an open window, a moonlit night, or a cloudy evening.

Static renderings offer the viewer several selected angles, and animated videos allow to look at the interior in dynamics. Finally, some methods allow taking a real virtual tour over the designed objects. All this makes it possible to fully imagine the space design, evaluate its functionality and atmosphere. After all, more than 90% of information about the world a person receives through vision, and a computer-generated picture will practically not differ from the result in reality.


Creating models in 3D interior graphics programs opens up great opportunities for the interior designer. Using visualization will help to substantively discuss the project and improve coordination among architects, engineers, and contractors, minimize confusion, mutual misunderstandings, and annoying loss of time.

The image obtained by using 3D visualisation interior design in Limassol will serve as a great visual example for the repair team.

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