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    Any modern interior is rarely done  without tile  decoration, so if you want to perform some renovation, then it is worth very carefully approach the choice when you go to buy ceramic tiles. This is not only a fantastic material with an extensive list of characteristics but also stunning decor that can gracefully decorate any interior. A wide selection of tiles allows the A.K. Studio Cyprus designer to embody the most daring ideas. This material is appropriate in any area – on the floor, wall, stairs, etc. Let us consider in more detail what types a tile has, as well as its technical characteristics.

    About the type of  ceramic tiles

    There are a lot of options among which you can buy ceramic tiles. They are differing from each other, both in technical characteristics and in appearance. The main ones are:

    • Majolica. Tile with a large-porous texture, the basis of which consists of red clay. Its outer surface is covered with an opaque glaze, on which a color image is applied. The majolica is fired twice, and the percentage of its water absorption is 15-25%.
    • Faience. Also known as white ceramics, as the composition of the material includes white clay. The front side is covered with glaze. From the point of view of technologies used in production, as well as in basic materials, faience is similar to porcelain. Faience tile produced by double firing and has 10-20% water absorption. It is used in dry rooms, for facing any surfaces.
    • Cottoforte. A type of extruded tile, which is also double fired and coated on the outside with opaque glaze. Such a tile has enhanced strength characteristics, as it is based on several types of clay. The amount of water absorption is 7-15%. Used for the floors inside buildings.
    • Cotto. Unglazed tiles made of red clay. One firing takes place during production. Mainly used for decoration on indoor floors and facades. The amount of water absorption is 3-15%.
    • Monocottura. Pressed glazed tiles, which can be made from both red and white clay. The first has 0-20% water absorption, the second – 0-10%. It is fired once, resistant to frost, and therefore it is often used outdoors. However, it can be used for indoor walls and floors too.
    • Clinker. A type of one-time firing tile having a multi-colored compacted base. The outer side may be either glazed or unglazed. The main characteristics are 0-6% water absorption, large thickness, low porosity, high rates of mechanical strength, resistance to chemicals. It can be used both outdoors and indoors as well as for pools.
    • Red Gres. Made of red clay. This is a pressed and unglazed ceramic tile that undergoes one firing. It has 0-4% of water absorption. It is used for laying external and internal floors.
    • Gres Porcellanato. It has 0-0.5% of water absorption. Used for both indoor and outdoor floors, window sills, countertops, and facades.

    Location of the ceramic tile is very important

    Tiles are divided into classes that determine their endurance. This is the ability of the surface to withstand the load that imitates contact with a person’s walking. The only front part of the tile is tested. Ceramic tiles are divided into five categories:

    1. PEI I – for areas with a small load and walking without shoes, most often used in bathrooms, etc.
    2. PEI II – for rooms with a limited load such as living rooms and bedrooms, but should not be used for halls, kitchens, and balconies.
    3. PEI III – tiles for rooms with a moderate load and rooms where people do not use outdoor shoes. It can be used for any apartment buildings, hotels, offices.
    4. PEI IV – a more durable type of tile, suitable for areas with medium and high activity. It can be used for various premises of the residential sector, shopping centers, offices, restaurants, hotels, including the registration room.
    5. PEI V – the strongest tile for places with any traffic intensity. It has enhanced characteristics of resistance to operation in the most difficult conditions. Great for public areas with very high traffic and load.

    Find the best design of ceramic tiles for your interior

    Design depends not only on the personal preferences but also on compliance with the style of interior. Also, how difficult it will be to take care of the tile depends on its design too. There are a great many types of ceramic tile designs. In order not to get confused in it and choose the perfect option, you can contact a professional designer A.K. Studio Limassol. We will tell you in detail about the existing types of tile design. Thanks to this, you can conveniently buy ceramic tiles online and veneer the selected area with the most suitable material.


    Ceramic tile is a material with many advantages. Thanks to it, any room can please with freshness and beauty for a long time. It is practical, environmentally friendly, has a long life span, excellently decorates the interior, and does not require special care. That is why the tile still does not lose leadership when choosing a finishing material, and A.K. Studio suppliers do not stop providing the highest quality ceramic tiles for sale. Among the suppliers are such brands as NovaBell, Realonda, Ceramiche Grazia, Ecoceramic, Golem, Petracers and others. All these manufacturers work for many years and have dozens of positive reviews. At the same time their production has a very affordable price in Cyprus (due to direct contract with A.K. Studio). Come and see for yourself the best ceramic tiles online.

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