Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture
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    A bathroom is always a room with significant functional load, regardless of its size. It serves as a place to store many useful things that are needed continuously by people visiting it. These are hygiene products, cleaning and washing products, household chemicals, cosmetics, and bathroom textiles, such as towels, bathrobes, etc. All this requires the organization of convenient placements that allows you to comfortably and quickly find all these items. The installation of furniture for the bathroom, specially made for use in rooms with high humidity, can help. The professional designer A.K. Studio Cyprus will help you to buy bathroom furniture and choose the right design for it. However, the answers to  the basic questions on how to find the best bathroom furniture you will find in the article below.

    What kind of furniture do you need

    According to its classification, furniture in the bathroom is divided into:

    • Hanging and floor cabinets with the appropriate installation method.
    • Vanities with a laundry basket or ordinary drawers.
    • Lockers under or without a sink, with one or two doors.
    • Bathroom chests of drawers.

    Bathroom mirrors:

    • Can be varied in size and shape (rectangular, oval, square, round, asymmetric).
    • Often equipped with built-in lighting or complemented by a special lamp with various switching methods.
    • Supplied with a functional shelf for accessories or equipped with a closed cabinet with a door (or without it) and shelves.

    Combination of comfort and functionality

    When choosing among varieties of bathroom furniture sale, it is essential to strive for its quality, practicality, and functionality, as well as for a cozy and warm atmosphere. After all, every person’s morning starts here and creates  an excellent mood and a positive charge for the whole day. This is not only a room for hygienic procedures but  also a  place for relaxation.

    The bathroom has very significant requirements for its design. After all, water hygiene procedures are carried out here, requiring various hygiene items that need to be conveniently placed. It is also very important to provide mirrors so that all cosmetic procedures are done correctly and accurately.

    Quality bathroom units for sale should meet these basic characteristics:

    • Harmonious combination with other elements of the interior, creating a single stylistic composition;
    • Convenient and practical placement of shelves, drawers, hangers, doors and mirrors, in accordance with the age and growth of the people who will use them;
    • Resistance to high humidity and temperatures, surface protection with special coatings that repel moisture;
    • Simplicity and ease of care, the ability to wash surfaces with special tools, cleaning them from dirt and bacteria;
    • Practical and rational placement, the functionality of each item and element.

    Pay attention to every detail

    Bathroom furniture should be made of moisture-resistant materials or at least have a protective coating. In addition to high humidity, the fact is that in the bathroom, temperature fluctuations often take place, and furniture made from inappropriate materials can crack, swell, mold, or even begin to rot.

    The color and texture of the furniture must be selected, considering that traces of water smudges are not noticeable on it. It’s not difficult to wash them off, but they constantly appear in the bathroom, cleaning will take your time every day. It is better when the surfaces are matte and not too dark.

    When buying bathroom furniture online, painting and accessories are very important. The paint should be even, and there should be no rust on metal elements.

    Think about safety

    An important detail is also the material of the manufactured products. After all, the bathroom is the place where you want to feel maximum comfort and relaxation. When choosing equipment and the interior for this room, it is worth paying attention to environmental and moisture-resistant products. For example,  A.K. Studio Cyprus suppliers  which are Synergie, Devon&devon, Reitano Rubinetteria, Mia Italia, Il tempo del, Ravak, Drummonds, Gruppo Treesse, Herbeau, Margaroli and BluBleu. All of them provide the  manufacturer’s guarantee and certificates of environmental cleanliness for all types of furniture.


    Beautiful, high-quality, and functional things can create a unique, refined, and original interior in your bathroom. Only a real combination of thoughtful design and affordable price   will allow you to buy bathroom furniture in Limassol that meets the tastes, needs, and wishes of even the most demanding customer.

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