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    We always strive to create the most favorable living conditions for our children. Therefore, before choosing the right furniture for a child’s room, you need to consider all your child’s wishes, of course, if one can already voice them. From a young age, a children’s room creates a sense of ownership in its owner, accustoms to a certain lifestyle, and forms a child as a person. It is possible that these are big words, but it is very important in what conditions a small citizen lives. The children furniture must be beautiful and of high-quality, convenient in use, and, most importantly – safe.

    According to statistics, the vast majority of people in Cyprus buy inexpensive furniture for children and this is a big mistake. After all, cheap chipboards and MDF (medium density fibreboard) used in the production of such furniture can release harmful substances that are critically dangerous for the child. To understand how to choose the right furniture so that it is not only affordable and convenient, but also does not pose a health hazard, you can familiarize yourself with the information presented below.

    What should be children’s furniture

    The children room furniture must be selected very carefully, study the materials from which it is made because it should only be natural and environmentally friendly. Safety for your child should ensure the reliability and strength of the structure, and it should not have sharp corners and be made without the use of fragile materials (glass, plastic).

    First of all, the furniture for the child must be comfortable, so it should give a kid ability to independently get the right things, use them, and put them back.

    As often happens, we want to fill the nursery with various furniture, for example, put a home sports complex in the corner, and other very important things, but there is a catastrophic lack of space. Sometimes, the size of the average children’s room is too small to fit everything you want in it without problems. And when it comes to the interior of a room for two children, the question of free space becomes especially acute. It is important to remember that children’s furniture should not be bulky, filling almost the entire space of the room. A space for games and creativity is important for a child, and a stuffy room filled with cupboards and drawers will only oppress a kid. Therefore, if the size of the room is small – get only the main pieces of furniture for the nursery:

    • Bed;
    • Table;
    • Small cupboard.

    An excellent solution for owners of a small children’s room will be modular furniture for the nursery (transforming furniture).

    Choosing the high-quality and ecologically materials

    An indispensable condition is the manufacture of furniture for a children’s room from environmentally friendly materials. It is advisable to avoid acquiring furniture covered with varnishes and paint – it is unlikely that you will be able to check their composition for toxic substances. In light of this issue, the best option is to purchase kids room furniture from A.K. Studio trusted manufacturers among which are Giessegi, Callesella, Volpi, Dolfi, IL loft, Alta Moda and others. If you choose children’s furniture in our store, you can make sure of its safety by looking at a hygiene certificate.

    The best material for children’s furniture is solid wood, but sometimes this option is too expensive and far from accessible to everyone. Particleboard is considered acceptable material for the manufacture of furniture for children. As for the furniture upholstery, it should be airtight, easy to clean, and made of natural materials. Children’s furniture should not contain sharp corners, be strong and stable. The materials from which furniture is made for children should not be easily ignited. The child should not be allergic to them.

    Choosing the best design for children’s room

    Try to choose only high-quality and beautiful children’s furniture with interesting decorative elements that have calm pastel colors so that children never experience any annoying factors. The nervous system of children is very susceptible to bright colors around, but an overdose of juicy colors is unacceptable. A calm and prolonged sleep is possible only in that room where nothing will frighten your child. Put yourself in the place of your son or daughter – and you can make the most correct and best choice of furniture for the children’s room. If the furniture is selected for the room where several children will live, the requirements remain the same. Each of its residents should have their own desk, chair, locker.

    There are such sets of children’s furniture that even in a very small area they will be able to provide the child with everything necessary for study, games, and relaxation. It can be two-tier sets, where on the first floor there is a desk, and on the second – a bed. Such children’s room furniture often bought to save as much free space in the room as possible.

    Keep your child involved

    Children’s rooms of a newborn, a preschool child, a primary school student, and a teenager have a number of functional differences. Obviously, the furniture in the nursery must meet the requirements that are characteristic to a particular age period of the child. If a set of children’s furniture for a newborn is limited to a bed, a chest of drawers for clothes and a changing table, then a child aged 2-3 years already needs a table for creative work, a wardrobe for clothes, drawers for toys, a preschooler will have a bookcase, etc. When choosing  children room set, pay attention not only to the age of the child but also to his wishes, that’s how you can arrange the perfect children’s room.

    Of course, the furniture for a girl and the furniture for a boy will be different, especially when it comes to older children. First of all, we are talking about the color scheme of furniture. However, it is not recommended to abuse the prevailing stereotypes and furnish the girl’s room with pink furniture, and the boy’s room with a blue one.

    Too bright and saturated colors of furniture are a sign of bad taste. Also, such a color range of the room will create a heavy atmosphere that will not contribute to good rest, normal learning, and healthy sleep of the child. It is recommended to use children’s bedroom furniture sets in pastel colors (beige, apricot, in the extreme case – pale pink and pale blue), and let other interior items (wall stickers, clocks, figurines, etc.) take on the function of decorations.


    Furniture that is appropriate for your child’s age is an important factor for its proper development. A.K. Studio Limassol offers its customers a very comfortable and beautiful modular children’s furniture. Which, in addition, due to its compactness and versatility can save free space for games of your child.

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