Classic Furniture

Classic Furniture

Classic furniture reminds many people of the aristocratic 17th century. From that came naturalness and smoothness of wooden lines, unusual patterns and carvings, convenience, and reliability of structures. No style can so emphasize pomposity, the sophistication of housing, well-being, solidity, and good taste of the owners.

High-quality raw materials, sophisticated contours, a wealth of variations, and all this, along with reliability and multifunctionality, forces people to buy the classic furniture.

In a room furnished with classic-style furniture, aristocracy soars, and sophistication prevail. Modern products are characterized by high quality, materials, original decor. Wax and varnish polishing, tinting gives the charm of classic wooden furniture. Carving, inserts made of glass, metal, the use of bronze, copper fittings – provides the furniture with an antiquity characteristic of the classic.

What should be classic furniture

Often, classic furniture is used to furnish a living room, bedroom, kitchen. Today it is not difficult to purchase any kit you like, the choice in the market is huge.

Classic furniture in the hall is a wall of various configurations. These are models consisting of convenient and functional cabinets, display cases, pencil cases, shelves, and chests of drawers. The classic walls are designed in such a way that you can easily place in them not only clothes and things but also decor items. Transparent glass display cases are great for this.

Classic furniture in the living room can be sold as a complete set or in sections. These are modular systems that you can buy separately from each other and make up your furniture set based on the needs and area of ​​the room.

Choosing the good materials

  • Material

Initially, classic-style furniture was created for the interiors of the aristocracy. Therefore, it was made of mahogany, inlaid with semiprecious stones, patinated with gold. Chairs and banquets were pulled by natural silk, there were mirrors in the original frames.

Modern classic furniture continues the best traditions of the 17th century. To create cabinets, chests of drawers, kitchen sets, natural wood, sometimes veneer, is used. Now solid wood furniture is appreciated. It is environmentally friendly, durable, and from year to year, it only gets better. It is not necessary to strive for palace luxury, and you can create a laconic classic interior.

  • Upholstery

Natural fabrics are used for upholstery: silk, satin, and velvet. An unobtrusive grassy pattern, strip, the monophonic option is suitable.

In modern classics, you can use bright plain furniture upholstery. It creates emphasis, highlights a piece of furniture, makes it the main thing.

The capitonnage looks spectacular. With it, buttons are sunk deep into the upholstery, forming rhombuses or squares on the surface.

Combination of comfort and functionality

The classical style is characterized by symmetry. Armchairs are placed near the sofa, and next to the table are banquets or poufs. Upholstered furniture in a classic style always has a luxurious upholstery, which is not customary to cover with cloaks or bedspreads. In extreme cases, covers can be provided to maintain cleanliness.

Upholstered classic furniture sale is especially popular. Its luxurious upholstery is made of natural materials, often embroidered with gilding. Sofas and armchairs have proud high backs, smooth lines, decorated curved legs. At the same time, the furniture is really soft, comfortable. At it a person can have a comfortable rest.

Use the right colors and shapes

The biggest advantage of classic furniture is the style that has fascinated entire families for many years. Warm and beautiful colors, rounded shapes, carved facades, and decorative handles, this is the biggest secret of the classic living room interior. If you primarily want to create a warm and homely atmosphere, then classic furniture will be the best option.

If you have decided to choose classic furniture for sale, it is better to start with options that are elegant and simple. For the living room, a glazed showcase, stylized as antique furniture, is ideal. The sofa in the living room is most often leather or with an elegant dark-colored upholstery. In the classic lounge, which often serves as a dining room, a table and chairs should be. Their choice is not easy at all! They should fit into the interior and, at the same time, be functional and practical because it is on them that we will meet daily during joint meals. With choice, you can ask for help from the professional designer, for example, from A.K. Studio Cyprus.


Whatever transformations take place in the furniture industry, the classic trend will always remain in fashion. Classics, of course, is a favorite among other styles. Many people prefer to buy classic furniture because it is guaranteed to always stay in fashion while other styles will replace each other.

The classic furniture online does not get old because it is a symbol of respectability, taste, and prosperity. Now there is a large selection of models and materials – from budget to luxury. Therefore, the luxury of palaces has become available.

Classic-style furniture fits equally well both new buildings with panoramic windows and in country cottages.

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