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    When creating a design project for any interior, professionals are increasingly turning to a new convenient tool that saves them time and helps to see the future interior in all details – 3D interior design in Cyprus. 😎

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    The core of 3D interior drawing is the three-dimensional graphics that can replace a photograph. But we can photograph only what already exists, but visualization demonstrates what we can get. Over the past decade, this technology has become one of the most sought-after ways to create high-quality digital content.

    What is 3D interior design visualization

    Drawings and complex graphic constructions – all this is a thing of the past. Now designers prefer to work in special programs that help to quickly create for the customer several options of the future interior.

    Benefits of 3D visualisation interior design in Cyprus:

    • creation of the foundation for a future interior in a short time – literally in a day or two;
    • the ability to form an architectural model in a three-dimensional version;
    • preparation of several layout options for an apartment or house;
    • placement of lighting scenarios inside the project;
    • visual «fitting» of any style to the premises;
    • selection of furniture and its arrangement;
    • replacement of any furniture and decor in a few minutes;
    • the ability to select colors and much more.

    Thoroughly thought out planning will save the designer from mistakes, and the customer from disappointments.

    3D interior design in Cyprus

    The 3D interior design includes:

    • Textured components of walls, floors, ceilings, furniture;
    • The color scheme of each room in the house;
    • Location of sockets, switches, lighting elements;
    • The layout of the apartment, the location of the furniture.

    In fact, why do we need visualization of the interior? Yes, in order to see the future apartment or house, when the construction itself is still at the design stage. The indisputable advantage of this procedure is the ability to soberly evaluate all the components of the living space, and decide whether it suits you. The fact is that changing a particular element or color scheme at the stage of 3D modeling is much easier than during the repair process. Moreover, it is much cheaper.

    In addition, this service will allow you to experiment with colors, textures, and materials if you still have not decided on it. You no longer need to try to imagine the interior in your head as thoroughly as possible – just look at the project created by the designer.

    3D interior rendering in Cyprus

    The work of creating 3D view interior design consists of several stages. In order to start a project, the designer should have all the technical characteristics of the room and the layout of the communications that cannot be transferred. First of all, he will draw up the so-called terms of reference, which will include comprehensive information on the object.

    It includes:

    • documentation on the layout of the premises;
    • list of finishing materials that are supposed to be purchased;
    • preliminary plan for the placement of the furniture in all rooms;
    • the layout of lighting fixtures.

    The next step is to create the geometry of the 3D visualized object. This is the most time-consuming process – a designer needs to work out in detail every element of the future project.

    The next stage is the fitting of various finishing materials. Now the created object will begin to acquire the necessary colors. For the highest level of realism, the designer gives the image some effects using multiple program functions, including the refractive index, transparency, reflectivity, and roughness.

    Our 3d projects

    The third stage is called «3D rendering interior design.» Now the designer will create real lighting of the designed space to check how the chosen design looks in the overall picture of the room. At the same time, the customer can try out wall decor and see how it will look in different lighting scenarios.

    If there are rooms with a complex configuration of walls, the designer will carefully think through different ways of designing such a geometry. At the same time, the wishes of the customer can complicate the situation, because not all of the dreams may successfully fit into the framework of complex walls. In this case, the 3D interior rendering in Cyprus will help to quickly bring over the owner of the apartment and offer him the best option in terms of design and general concept.


    The ability to create 3D interior design in Cyprus saves time for both the customer and the designer. There is no need to tell for a long time how the interior will look. It is enough to show the layout, make the required changes, coordinate all the nuances, and proceed to the project realization.

    The final cost of the services of a professional designer can be affected, for example, by such factors as the number of options required by the customer for adjusting the image or order models in the 3Ds MAX program for the ability to make personal adjustments. However, as a result, the customer receives an ideal design for his future interior and saves a lot of time when buying finishing materials, choosing furniture, decor, and accessories.

    An experienced designer has established contacts with suppliers of any equipment, furniture, and finishing materials. Sellers can also give the designer a significant discount. Use this opportunity to save on the arrangement of apartments and discuss this at the beginning of work on the project. Trust the experienced professionals from A.K. Studio and enjoy the pleasant expectation of imminent changes in your interior and life!

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