Classic interior design

Classic interior design

The classic style in the interior in many ways similar to wine – over the years, it becomes more valuable, and despite the transience of trends in the world of design, it remains in demand. Always. 

The classical style was formed in XVI-XVIII centuries – the era of palace luxury. The basis was the elements of Classicism, Baroque, Rococo, and Empire. The modern classic interior design Cyprus combines the generally accepted canons and characterized by rigor, elegance, and, most important, high functionality, making it more convenient for modern life.

What is classic interior design

The classic interior design emphasizes symmetry, solemnity, grace, and richness, as well as harmony and brilliance. These characteristics always are central to the definition of classics in the interior. 🥇

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This style requires great attention to detail, as it does not endure excesses, and modern technology does not combine with it well and does not harmonize with the overall picture of the image of the room. Indeed, in order to create a classic style in a room, it is necessary to organize it in making accent on such interior elements as porcelain dishes, candle-shaped lamps, sculptures, mirrors, but not on TV with a liquid crystal screen, subwoofers and other technical utensils that are in no way compatible with classic interiors in Cyprus. However, without these technical inventions, it is very difficult to imagine the comfortable life of a modern person.

Therefore, A.K. Studio designers are especially careful about how to properly place household appliances in the room, especially when it comes to the design of the room in a classic style. For this, special sliding blocks, niches, drawers, and other tools are used.

Classic interior designers 

Professional designers try to adhere to the following rules of classic house interior design decoration:

  1. Natural materials for decoration;
  2. The flooring of precious wood: art parquet or engineering board;
  3. Stone tiles. Preference is given to marble, made in compliance with old manufacturing traditions;
  4. If you become the proud owner of a genuine stucco molding on the ceiling, try to save it. For low ceilings, simply decorate the walls with cornices (preferably gypsum);
  5. For wall decoration, choose a paint with a matte finish, decorative plaster or wallpaper with an unobtrusive ornament. Fabric or silk, for example.

The variety of different elements of decor in the classical style is huge. And to figure out the correct combination of them, DIY is often extremely difficult. That is why it is worth choosing an A.K. Studio assistant-consultant for interior design, specializing in classical styles. Sometimes you just cannot do without professional help.

Classic interior design in Cyprus

Not everyone can afford the classic interior design in Cyprus. It shows the respectability of the owner, his refined taste, and is great for those who lead a leisurely and measured lifestyle without much fuss. Still, such a design is expensive, since all the finishing is done using only natural materials, which are expensive today.

Despite the fact that the classical style appeared several centuries ago, even today, it remains in demand and quite relevant. When it is difficult to decide which style to choose for the home, it is the classic that will be a win-win option. Also, this design direction is especially close to the heart of lovers of the great art of different ages, as well as romantics, who seek a way to emphasize the high cost and impeccability of their interior.

The classic house design interior is a combination of different cultural and historical eras and traditions, but despite that, it has strict features, which makes it whole and harmonious. As far back as the sixteenth century, during the period when the Italian Renaissance reigned, in the interiors of noble palaces, the luxury of interior decoration was unusual for these castles. After a break, beauty and grace become the concern of architects. And in the next century, the classical style was finally formed and approved in the palaces of the French nobility.

In a modern apartment, the new classic interior design is presented in a slightly different way than it was several centuries ago. The modern interior in the classical style is a room of the correct form, where is a lot of sunlight, and the room itself radiates peace and tranquility. There should be many mirrors that expand the room even further. This is very important, since this style has a large number of details that require a large space, and mirrors will help a lot here. The interior may have columns, as well as cozy attributes of antiquity, for example – fireplaces decorated with marble.


Classic is always in fashion because it has been tested for centuries and is able to create a harmonious and sustainable atmosphere. Living in such a house, even quite a bit of time, you will want to stay there forever. After all, a person has always been attracted not only by comfort, but also by beauty, and the classical style of the interior corresponds equally to both of these parameters.

In the current situation, the classic style in interior design is not identical to the original look that is depicted in old paintings. However, the term «classic» means exemplary, reference, and as before, remains relevant and finds its new life in modern interior design.

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