Modern interior design

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    At present, it is very fashionable to conduct experiments and try to combine in the design of an apartment that what architects and designers of the past would not dare. And since there are no restrictions on creative possibilities, the modern interior design Cyprus offers designer an opportunity to give full throttle to his imagination!

    What is modern interior design

    Actual trends in the design of domestic establishments are generally called modern home interior design. This broad concept is associated with a whole category of domestic areas that meets the requirements of the present time.

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    They are connected by the single goal of the purity and clarity of lines, selectivity in decoration, and high practicality of decor.

    Modern interior designers

    When designing this type of interior, designers A.K. Studio pay attention to the following rules:

    Rule 1. Simplicity and laconic form

    A good specialist is constantly trying to get rid of unnecessary, used in art. Same doing all progressive designers. The form should not overlap the contents since the genius hides in simplicity. 

    Rule 2. Reserved functions

    As Italian designer and co-founder of minimalism Giorgio Saporiti noted, «In an excellent design, functionality is always primary, independent of form. But this should not suppress the impression.» 

    Rule 3. Combination of many styles, eclecticism

    In the postmodern era, it is rarely possible to meet the house, completely performed in one style, since the rich heritage of past generations provides a large selection of options to choose. Designers are increasingly combining different styles, and even such directions come into play, which at first glance has little in common. Design projects can help to reflect in the interiors the diversity of the world, the depth, and universality of the author’s ideas.

    Rule 4. A lot of light and air, open spaces

    The minimum amount of furniture, as a decoration – panoramic windows that provide a lot of natural light, as a planning solution – the organization of a studio interior. As a famous architect, Le Corbusier, said: «Space, light, and order. Man needs these things no less than in food and lodging for the night.» 

    Rule 5. No strict borders and canons

    As Ferdinand Porsche once said: «It all started with that I was looking for the car of my dreams and, not having found it anywhere, so I decided to build it myself.»

    In the modern design, minimalist furniture can be used together with the classic stucco, statues, and columns made in the antique spirit, and the brick furniture factory Loft – with a bright decor performed in the style of art deco. A.K. Studio designers are able to express your ideas in different ways, and this is the main advantage of modern home interior – the freedom of choice.

    Modern house interior design

    Unlike small and ordinary apartments, where area savings are constantly required, in a large private apartment, owners have every opportunity to use modern design techniques that correspond to their ideas about the beauty, functionality, and feasibility inside the house. The spacious rooms of private apartments allow realizing all dreams, creating a comfortable, cozy, and attractive interior design.

    However, a lot of space requires a lot of responsibility. It is essential not to miss the chosen concept of designing a private apartment, and not to get high from the opportunities that give its large area. A.K. Studio specialists will help you with this. Call for a consultation, and you will immediately understand how much easier it becomes to create a truly perfect interior.

    Modern apartment interior design

    Recent trends in the design of private residential buildings are marked by extreme simplicity, conciseness, but at the same time, they keep the maximum comfort for life. A modern design with its neutral colors and graphic lines does not draw up too much attention and makes it possible to focus on work, relaxation, or communication.

    Unlike various ethnic, country, and retro styles, the modern one is completely indistinguishable. Each thing in space has a functional load, while a minimalistic environment reduces the cost of sweep-up, furniture care and other connatural events almost to zero.

    Modern interior design in Cyprus

    This style does not tolerate chaos and eclecticism. Modern house interior is the realm of open space and natural light, in which every element and its energy are important.

    The main features of modern design: 

    • Clarity and openness of borders;
    • A functional approach to the selection of furniture;
    • Neutral tones with bright accents;
    • Lack of decorative excess;
    • Focus on the order and functionality of storage systems;
    • The combination of the latest materials with natural materials;
    • Use of final processing as an interesting feature of the concept;
    • A lot of works of art;
    • A combination of different lighting.

    Strict orientation along the coordinate axis and the exact design of the room – these are the basics of the modern apartment interior design in Cyprus.


    Modern interior design offers the designer a huge field for new creative ideas. Large open areas of apartments and houses can be planned very conveniently for their residents. At the same time, the designer is not limited in the creative approach to arranging premises, and there are also a large number of materials that can be used in a modern style. In such interiors, furniture is often designed for individual orders, and this also relates to decor elements and special design structures.

    The right combination of wall color and furniture processing performs one of the leading functions in modern design. The specialist determines the combination of colors and textures, taking into account the level of both artificial and natural lighting.

    There are many nuances and fashionable features that help to develop really cool interiors, because even a combination of lines on the ceiling and floor forms a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of a modern house interior design in Cyprus.

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