Loft Style interior design ideas

Loft interior design for offices and apartments were very popular in America in the 1950s. Gradually, the trend spread throughout Europe.

Residents of large and small cities have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of the original industrial loft interior design, which is most easily embodied in buildings with huge windows and high ceilings – in warehouses and old factory premises.

Loft interior design in Cyprus

The concept of loft implies a combination of old and new details in the interior, for example, plank floors and carelessly painted walls with modern appliances, glass, and metal accessories.

What is Loft style?

Implementation of loft interior design ideas is possible even with a minimal budget. Unlike other styles, it does not require the use of expensive accessories and furniture. When creating the interior, the main thing is to leave a lot of free space and natural light. With the rest loft style is very democratic – even old hangers can look harmoniously against the background of concrete walls decorated with graffiti.

Paradoxically, but a rough and uncouth loft is distinguished by grace and elegance. Against a modest background, you, guided by the basic principles, can create a picture unique in its simplicity and originality.

Small windows, cramped walls, and low ceilings are taboo for loft style interior. The space in such houses should be free, partitions, and other elements cluttering up the free area should be avoided. You can divide an apartment into functional areas by alternating colors and textured surfaces.

The standard materials for the loft are metal, glass, plastic, and leather. There is no need to worry about wall decoration – the more careless the decoration looks, the more interesting the finished interior will look. Uneven walls, brickwork, concrete or plank floors are the best option for a loft style house, which should imitate the atmosphere of an abandoned, but at the same time cozy and comfortable industrial workshop.

History of Loft

It is known for certain that the true loft is a building with an industrial past, which has changed its purpose and has become a home, office, or something fundamentally different. However, at the present time, alas, it is easier for developers to demolish an old factory and build a new factory-style building in the vacated space. And, even if housing is subsequently organized on this territory, such objects, by definition, cannot be called a loft.

You can understand the developers – the aesthetics of the loft interior design is at the peak of popularity. All around the world, people often remodel their private apartments “like the loft,” using the full arsenal of the prevailing style attributes. Undoubtedly, you have every right to decorate your interior in this way, but do not forget that this transformation can be nothing more than a stylization, where elements of style are involved. But what is the true meaning of the loft?

loft design interior living room

The loft was born in the industrial quarters of New York. Another jump in land prices in the city center forced the owners of industrial enterprises to leave their premises and bring production to the outskirts. Empty factory buildings have met consumer interest from the bohemian side, attracted both by the functional characteristics of the premises (high ceilings, good lighting) and low, compared to ordinary apartments, rental rates. After turning from a workshop to a stylish room, loft premises went to the peak of popularity in the 50s of the 20th century.

Key features of Loft design

Floor and ceiling of loft houses

The ceiling of the loft house interior should have a special design, including beveled elements, beams, and partitions. A room with high ceilings and beams will look attractive in the gray shade, which is ideal for the loft style. 👩🏽‍💻

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Some designers suggest using stretch ceilings, others – white and perfectly flat surfaces. The final choice depends on the height of the ceiling. If it is more than 10 feet, then for the ceiling, you can choose any decor, even open engineering communications, which will look original.

To design the floor, you can use one of several possible options:

  • Massive wooden board laid in the form of the ship deck and coated with varnish.
  • Matte gray tiles.
  • Linoleum, the color of which imitates concrete.
Floor and ceiling of loft houses

Loft style walls

Walls should not attract increased attention, acting only as a background for decorative elements of the interior. The most popular option is brickwork, which can be either real or recreated from artificial stone. Even bare concrete walls can be a suitable solution. The thoughtful use of rough textures in tandem with modern ergonomic furniture will allow you to realize interesting creative ideas.

Loft style walls


In a huge living room one sofa is enough, if it certainly deserves attention. Furniture must be original and non-standard. Depending on the project, you can choose both ultramodern furniture or some old-style option. The main thing is that the furniture should be a real work of art, attracting attention.

Furniture should not be placed along the walls. All interior items should be in the center, but not cluttering up space. In the loft style, which at some points resembles minimalism, everything should be in place. The slightest mess is unacceptable.

loft house interior design

Accessories and decor in the loft style

The loft design interior is imbued with the spirit of freedom so any unusual accessory will look very good:

  • luxurious chandelier on the background of a gray ceiling with beams;
  • posters and paintings;
  • artificial fireplace;
  • shelves and shelving for books;
  • strange candlesticks;
  • wall clock in a metal frame;
  • chrome plumbing.
loft house interior design in cyprus

Why and when choose Loft style

After traveling almost, a century from the workshop to the living room, the loft house interior design is at the peak of fashion in Europe. From the beginning of the 2000s, the orphaned buildings of the factories that died out during the crisis years were reconstructed and adapted to the needs of society. Exhibition projects, clubs, art spaces, educational institutions, and even residential complexes in the loft format have appeared.

The loft is actively developing to this day because there is a steady demand for such spaces. However, a real loft is a unique format that is not suitable for everyone. Premises that something between an office, a workshop, and a living room are often chosen by people who are creative, active, and have a non-standard view of the world.

So, for whom is the loft style intended?

For the thrifty. The interior in the loft style requires a minimum of costs. Finishing – the simpler is, the better. Unlike other interior styles, it does not involve the use of expensive furniture. Almost everything will be good, even the combination of old furniture with ultra-modern accessories.

For owners of apartments with a free layout. The spaciousness, high ceilings, big windows, and the absence of partitions – the best place for interior design in the loft style.

Loft room decorating ideas in Cyprus

For representatives of bohemia. Of all the interior styles, the artists, designers, and architects prefer the loft. In this interior, you can arrange exhibitions, presentations, and revelry parties.

For young people. Loft room decorating ideas reflects their lifestyle – craving for freedom and originality, rejection of the generally accepted and banal.


Of course, there is always the possibility of DIY design, but it’s easier to contact a professional. The designer of A.K. Studio Limassol will give you a clear orientation about the materials, and will also help determine the timing and cost of implementing your ideas.

Apartments decorated in a modern loft interior design allow residents of large cities to feel freedom in all its manifestations, to get space for rest and work. A successful imitation of factory premises, performed by a talented designer who will not miss a single trifle, will bring coziness and comfort to all family members.

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