Luxury Furniture

Luxury furniture

A lot of owners of houses, offices, apartments, and various commercial and public institutions seek to purchase elite furniture in Cyprus. Such products look original and stylish, and in their manufacture, the latest fashion trends are considered, and the workmanship does not cause any complaints.

How is elite furniture differ from regular


The luxury living furniture in Cyprus is made from exclusive, expensive materials, has a fine-tuning and manual decoration. When designing it, the experience and qualifications of the best designers are used. Along with excellent aesthetic characteristics, the products have the best technical parameters – they are resistant to various influences, have a long service life and high strength.

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In whatever style direction the interior is designed, elite living furniture will successfully fit into it. It can be classic, baroque, gothic, minimalism, and many other directions. Products will act as the basis for the design of the room, setting its tone and style. The modern market offers luxury furniture in a wide range, so everyone will be able to choose the best products for their needs and goals.

Luxury bedroom furniture in Cyprus

The rapid pace of life of a modern person requires a good rest during sleep. To abandon everyday worries and completely relax, you need to select high-quality and ergonomic luxury bedroom furniture. A well-chosen set will provide not only a comfortable place for a full sleep but also create the conditions for a wonderful awakening.

The bedroom can be a variety of items, starting from the bed and bedside tables, ending with a closet, chest of drawers or dressing table. Experts recommend stopping at the purchase of a ready-made set, as it will solve a lot of problems that may arise when buying single items.

A.K. Studio, in its collections, offers elegant headsets that amaze with luxury and richness of jewelry. In the catalogs of this salon, various types of furniture can complement interior solutions in any style. Here are exhibited samples for classic traditional design solutions and spectacular sets that can emphasize bright modern ideas in the design of the bedroom.

The website has a variety of models of bedroom furniture of any size:

  • Single and double beds with a low and high headboard (soft or hard), with curved, round or classic feet, with a container, with side, stands, with a canopy.
  • Modular cabinets, wardrobes with a different number of sections, with blind, mirrored, hinged and sliding doors, T.V. cases.
  • Dressing tables with drawers, shelves, swivel or folding mirrors, trellis.

Luxury living room furniture in Cyprus

The living room furniture is in demand all over the world. It combines style and comfort, status and ergonomics, elegance, and imagination. Valuable wood species, genuine leather of a special make-up, exclusive textiles, and functional plastic are selected for the manufacture. Finishing is done by hand carving, inlay, and inserts made of rare wood, marble, crystals, and fur. This is expensive furniture, reflecting the success of its owner. At us, you can buy already composed compositions or single items.

The luxury living room furniture is a demonstration of the skill and imagination of the best masters and designers. A.K. Studio offers living room furniture in the following directions: Classicism, Baroque, Empire, Provence, Glamor, Modern, Neoclassic, Loft, High-tech, and Minimalism.

From the company A.K. Studio can be ordered luxury furniture online of such types:

  • Hull structures: bars, cupboards, showcases, shelving, chests of drawers, bedside tables;
  • Elite upholstered furniture: sofas and armchairs;
  • Decoration: coffee tables, whatnots, consoles, mirrors;
  • Frames and cabinets for T.V.;
  • Fixtures.

Elite furniture for the living room, from A.K. Studio, has European certificates of quality and environmental safety.


A.K. Studio makes elite furniture in Cyprus of the highest quality. It is made of precious wood, therefore, meets the highest modern norms and standards.

As you can see, luxury furniture has undeniable advantages. Such products are incredibly beautiful. They look stylish, are practical and functional. Not surprisingly, the demand for them always remains at a high level, and the number of people wishing to purchase them is continuously growing.

With luxury classic furniture, the entire interior acquires a stylish finished appearance. Thanks to the upholstered furniture in the rooms, a special warm and cozy atmosphere is created, and in addition, it increases the comfort of living.

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