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The sofa has an Asian origin and had traveled a rather long historical path from the Ottoman Empire to Europe and firmly taken root in the western interior.

The sofa is an item of wide furniture were the height of the back, and armrests are the same. However, in the latest models, the armrests may be absent or lower than the back.

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To relax during the daytime is nothing better than the sofa can be found, as it is possible to relax on it reclining and lying down, sitting and freely lounging on pillows. In ancient times, only aristocrats could buy sofa, and its main purpose was to give the ability to relax in the daytime, exclusively in a sitting position.

For the manufacture of these sofas’ frames, valuable and natural wood species were used, for example, larch and cedar. For upholstery often used leather or silk, and removable pillows were stuffed with horsehair or sheep’s wool for greater rigidity. Over time, the understanding came that on the sofa, it is possible not only to sit but also to lie comfortably. After that the sofa sales increased significantly and A.K. Studio gives you a unique opportunity to get extra class furniture in Cyprus at the affordable price.

Determine the design of the sofa that you want.

It is important to correctly determine the immediate purpose of the sofa, as only then you may hope for harmony in the room.

Some office owners work until late, so they recommended a sofa with soft upholstery and a retractable transformation mechanism, which allows converting the sofa into a place to sleep if you suddenly need to spend the night at work. It is enough to extend the bottom of the device for this and put the pillows there. As a result – you will get a comfortable and soft place to sleep.

In general, there are three main types of mechanisms:

  • Already mentioned retractable. This mechanism allows you to extract from the bottom of the sofa an extra bed.
  • Folding. This mechanism allows you to take out a mattress folded several times.
  • Shifting-type. After a slight shift, the lower part of the sofa moves forward, lowering the back into the vacant place.

In terms of operation durability, all mechanisms are approximately the same.

It is essential to choose a good mechanism that will allow you to bring the sofa into a bed position easily, freely, and without much noise.

For minors, a sofa is not recommended, for the reason of the low armrests, which creates certain inconvenience for the child. But for teenagers, the sofa – sofa will do a good job and will turn out to a place where a teenager can both have a good rest and chat with friends.

The sofa can be decorated with various pillows of bright colors, and a cover, of course, will give it a special charm.

Care of this furniture depends directly on the type of materials used in the manufacture of a sofa.

Choosing the right fabric and color for your sofa

This material is the most expensive part of upholstered furniture (60-70% of the cost) and is the first to which people pay attention when considering and selecting furniture.

Types of upholstery material:

  • natural;
  • artificial.

Only skin can be attributed to the natural material used as upholstery. For upholstery of sofas and armchairs used the skin of buffaloes, calves, and cows. The main indicator of quality is the skin thickness (from 1 to 5 mm) and the method of its manufacture. So, for example, thin skin will be softer and more elastic.

As for natural fabric, it is not often used in view of the fact that it quickly loses its original appearance.

Want to save? Consider faux leather options, which are also widely used as upholstery. This material is several times cheaper than the genuine leather and has the same characteristics in appearance and care. 

The following fabrics also belong to artificial upholstery materials: 

  • velour;
  • chenille;
  • jacquard;
  • flock;
  • stretch;
  • microfiber;
  • tapestry.

Unlike natural fabrics, artificial ones have good wear resistance, and therefore they do not scrub, do not stretch, and not sag during frequent use.

Fillers of the sofa 

The filler is responsible for the shape of your upholstered furniture. The better it is, the longer the furniture will serve you.

The following types of fillers are distinguished:

  • Spring blocks. The main nuance when choosing this type is the quality of the steel wire from which the springs are made, whether it passed heat treatment. In addition, it is important to consider the technology of fastening the springs and their number, because the more this indicator is, the more comfortable the furniture will be.
  • Foam rubber (polyurethane foam). The excellent quality foam should be resilient, elastic, and dense. These indicators provide it with long service life.
  • Polyester fiber. It is widely used as fillers for back pillows and armrests of a sofa. Thanks to the special technology of their production, pillows filled with such a filler easily keep their shape and convenient to use.

When choosing a filler of sofa online, it is important to consider the density of the material – the higher its indicator, the longer the furniture will serve.

Choosing the right shape for your sofa

The installed spring unit provides structural strength and allows a long time to operate this type of furniture. Mechanisms of the last generation contribute to the easy movement of the sofa to various places in the apartment and its transformation into a comfortable sleeping place.

At the same time, bedding and other things can be put inside the sofa, and the room will always look neat. Recently, there occurs a tendency to place a sofa in country houses and cottages. There are also sofas offered with a transformation mechanism, which allows two people at once to lie on it. 

Make the right measurements

When buying sofa, focus on the size of the room, and no matter how you would like to buy a large sofa for a small room, it would still be wiser to choose a compact one. Only the presence of free space in a room with a sofa will create a feeling of lightness and visually increase the area.

It is important to purchase sofa that will give you a good rest and make your interior interesting and cozy. To buy sofa online you need just call to A.K. Studio Cyprus interior company and our specialist will measure your place and help with the style and design.


Technical progress does not stand still and affects all areas of our lives, including the furniture production process. Sofa today is characterized by many different options. In the manufacture of the frame, not only wood of coniferous trees is used, but also the metal parts and multilayer plywood. Thanks to this diversity, everyone will be able to find at A.K. Studio for themselves exactly that sofas for sale nearme which are needed.

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