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Fashion is changeable, but not when it comes to our old friend – the chair. Since the time of Ancient Egypt, it has continued success, and even the most magnificent sofas could not displace it from the interior.

Yes, its design has not changed much – one cannot buy chairs without a seat, legs, and most models have stretchers and underbracing.

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The secret of the chair’s popularity is that everyone can choose a model for their taste since there are many varieties of this piece of furniture.

What type of chairs do you want

In any house you need chairs – this furniture is in special demand in all interiors without exception. A chair is needed in the kitchen, in the dining room, for study, in the living room, and even in the bedroom. Therefore, today there is a huge variety of chairs.

In the kitchen and in the dining room. There are often used so-called universal chairs. They can be installed anywhere: near a writing and dressing tables, near the wall in the living room, etc. Also, you can buy one set of chairs and carry it from room to room if necessary.

Indoors and outdoors. There can be purchased, universal models. They are designed for use in the home and outdoors. A simple example is chairs made of solid teak. This wood does not need moisture resistant impregnations, and the furniture made of it is a perfect choice for the garden and porch. The same applies to models made of plastic.

At home and in the office. Some types of chairs are appropriate in both residential and public areas. Like unisex clothes, they look neutral-modern. The only difference from ordinary chairs is that these models were designed considering intensive use (at least 8 hours a day).

Determine your style

A chair is an important element of furniture set for any room. Without it, it is impossible to imagine a comfortable stay in the kitchen, in the office, in the dining room. Choosing this product, you need to focus not only on its practicality and functionality but on compliance with the overall design of the room in which it will be used.

When choosing a chair, first of all, you need to decide the interior of which room it will complement. The main thing here is the materials and its features. For example, in the kitchen, you need to select chairs that are resistant to damage and moisture. In the living room, models with textile upholstery or leather-covered in the same color as other pieces of furniture have. If the chairs are placed on the open air, then you should choose options with a durable frame made of plastic or metal, since these materials are not afraid of any vagaries of the weather.

A.K. Studio Cyprus offers its customers not only the chairs of reliable and trusted suppliers (such as a Alivar, Segis, Busetto and Emmegi), but also the services of professional designers if you have any problems with the final choice.

One way or another, when choosing chairs, we recommend that you carefully consider several important points:

  • The material of the frame. Manufacturers offer plastic, wood, or metal models.
  • Shape and size. These can be high bar stools, medium-sized products, or compact folding structures. They differ in the shape of the backs and armrests, the number and arrangement of legs.
  • The seat. It can be hard or soft. For the last option, manufacturers offer options with leather or fabric upholstery.
  • Coloring. The color scheme in which the chair is designed is of great importance when choosing.
  • Finishing and decoration. There are models complemented by carvings or unusual decorative elements.

Choosing the best design materials and number of chairs

The general design of the chairs can be divided into two types.

  • Solid and collapsible chairs. The first and second are distinguished only by the method of fixing parts. In solid chairs, the metal frame is hardwired. In collapsible options, frame parts are fastened together with screws and nuts. It is clear that the first one is more reliable.
  • Stackable and folding chairs. The first can be stacked – one on top of the other – and stored compactly in a pantry. For this, the chair silhouette is designed in a special way. The second ones can fold like scissors, or are analogs of theater or cinema chairs.

The following is a manufacturing method

There are carpentry, wicker, stamped and cast, turned and bent chairs, as well as combined models. Carpentry chairs are easy to make. There two main parts (back with legs and front legs) are connected on each side by the underbracing. Turned models got their name from the manufacturing method. The elements of circular cross-section (such as legs, back fragments, and underbracing) are machined in a special way. Bent chairs are made on special equipment. The wood or plywood is first steamed, bent, and then dried under special technology. Stamped and cast models are made by stamping or casting from plastic or metal, respectively.

In the manufacture of combined chairs, several materials and technological operations are used at once (for example, metal, and wood). But such models are not always reliable since they are made of “conflicting” materials – the design can become loose over time. Completely wooden chairs serve for decades if the material is well-dried and if the adhesive bond is made in a quality manner.

Some useful information about the seat

Degree of rigidity. There are hard, semi-soft, and soft chairs. Semi-soft models are called options without a spring block, with a thin layer of wadding in the seat (2-4 cm). Upholstered chairs have an average wadding thickness of 3-5 cm. For greater elasticity, springs are inserted inside. Rigid models have seats without wadding – wooden, metal, plastic, wicker (made of rattan, willow, or their artificial counterparts).

To buy chair or a half-chair?

The furniture chair can be with or without armrests. The armrests, like the seat, are hard, semi-soft (with pad) and soft – with filler and upholstery made of leather or textile. Having determined the design you need, ask A.K. Studio consultant for recommendations on how to choose the right chair design.


Despite the fact that today the market offers a wide variety of chairs, choosing a model that would ideally suit all the desired parameters is not an easy task. We offer you to inspect the assortment of chairs for sale from A.K. Studio which features are high quality and a wide variety of products from such trusted manufacturers as Kastel, La Cividina, Schuller.

In addition to the fact that it is available to buy furniture at affordable prices from us, you can also receive professional advice from qualified workers.

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