Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary Furniture

The motto of the furniture in a contemporary style is simplicity, convenience, functionality. The living room’s soft furniture group usually consists of comfortable, stable sofas and chairs of easy shapes and calm colors. Often the sofa has a storage container inside and a removable cover that is easy to wash – this gives it additional bonuses. That why question – where to buy contemporary furniture? is always relevant.

What kind of contemporary furniture do you need

The contemporary style is ideal for small rooms, the vast majority of furniture is sofa beds, large wardrobes, and built-in furniture. The main task is to arrange the furniture in such a way that it was comfortable in the room, and the furniture looks organically with the rest of the items in the interior.

As an accent, a coffee table or one armchair or pouf can be of bright color, ornament, or unusual shape. Popular design solutions are especially welcome. It is very important not to overdo it with them – in this style, it is better less than more.

For the dining room furniture, the classic version with several comfortable identical chairs around the table is used. If the table is small, it can have a sliding mechanism in case of guests arriving.

Perhaps the only open storage systems that are welcome in the contemporary style are shelves or rows of shelves. They are mainly used for books and objects that play a decorative role. If you need to store something, various boxes are used. The rest of the storage is masked as much as possible.


  • Accessibility and mass production, as there is no need to wait for weeks or months and save a lot for it. It is suitable for those who change the interior every 5-7 years.
  • Products from A.K. Studio suppliers are of high quality, and with proper care, they will last for a long time. You can visit the website any time and look at wide assortment of contemporary furniture for sale presented there.

There is only one drawback – uniformity. But it can be easily fixed by arranging some unique furniture pieces. So, for example, to make the interior does not look too boring due to its minimalism, it can be decorated with textiles. In general, natural and easy-care fabrics are welcome. The color of the textile on the pillows, curtains, and bedspreads can become the contemporary style’s main accent. Use such bright spots sparingly, and it is better to add no more than 1-2 accent colors. You can leave the interior calm in tone but add an unusual pattern.

Also, remember that contemporary does not tolerate an abundance of decor, but those items that nevertheless become selected for this role should really deserve attention.

Combination of comfort and functionality

If you choose furniture in a small room, you should give preference to light shades, multifunctional furniture, transformers, and consoles. Such techniques will help not only visually expand the space but also save functional area. Also, the visual expansion of the room can be achieved by an abundance of mirrors. Contemporary furniture with diode illumination is popular in modern styles and especially justified in the kitchen cooking area.

Use the right colors and shapes

Depending on the chosen style, contemporary furniture can be selected in contrast to the background or to match it. At the same time, do not forget about the effect of colors on the human psyche. The color of the room affects the mood. Psychologists have long figured out how colors control a person, and designers applied their knowledge for colorizing a space.

Think about decoration

This question is always very relevant since furniture should harmoniously suit the style of an existing or future repair. And sometimes, viewing some photos on the Internet is not enough for the solution to this problem. It is necessary to clearly and competently understand what and how it should be located and what style will have. To cope with this problem, you can always contact the designer A.K. Studio Limassol, and he will help you.

The A.K. Studio Cyprus designer acts as a good psychotherapist. He makes a diagnosis (chooses the style with you) and gives recommendations (selects samples of furniture, lamps, and decoration materials). At the same time, you still get a ready-made planning solution that will allow you to arrange the contemporary furniture in the room correctly. The result is a beautiful interior and peace of mind.


The interior of the apartment depends on many points. And the furniture is the main one. You need to choose a comfortable headset of contemporary furniture online that fits perfectly in both size and design. Finding the right option at an affordable price is not as easy as it seems.

Still, with the help of suppliers A.K. Studio Cyprus, you can realize all the furniture desires. Among them are such well-known brands as:

  • Alivar;
  • KennethCobonpue;
  • RondaDesign;
  • MosDesign;
  • MedeaLifestyle;
  • OperaContemporary;
  • Karpa;
  • Dallagnese;
  • Md house;
  • Porro;
  • Presotto.

To buy contemporary furniture from the manufacturer is a great decision that will help create a unique interior in the room. In addition, the cost of products is much lower than in the store, making it affordable for everyone.

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