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Modern kitchens are very diverse in terms of design. New technologies allow achieving a unique and unbelievable result, and the kitchen furniture market is rich in choice.

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Due to this everyone can buy kitchen of their dream. Nevertheless, before buying, you need to consider several important optimization points. Such as:

  • Think about what things, where and how you will use.
  • Pay attention to the free space in order to move around the kitchen conveniently.
  • Determine the size of the island (if you need it).
  • Plan your surfaces so that they were convenient to cook and can be quickly and easily cleaned.
  • Choose a color. For example, for a small kitchen, light colors are preferable.

When buy kitchen online, you need to consider not only the technical capabilities of the room but also your needs. Are you going to cook a lot? If yes – you cannot save on the size of the working area and hob. Perhaps you should think about additional built-in appliances – for example, a large refrigerator. On the contrary, if you are not a fan of sophisticated cooking, a minimal set of two rings and a sink, a refrigerator, and a microwave will be enough. Another important question – will the kitchen have a dining area, or is it just a cooking place? The dining area can be solved in different ways – with the use of a regular table, a corner with a sofa, a separate or attached bar counter.

What should be your place for cooking

Work areas should be conveniently located. The main elements of the kitchen are a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink. Therefore, between these elements, there should be a minimum distance. In short, in the kitchen, everything should be at hand.

It is also important that the kitchen has various shelves and drawers in which the kitchen utensils will be stored. And not forget that the kitchen is the place where there are quite a lot of household appliances. Therefore, it is better to plan the location of the outlets in advance, so that later you do not have to redo everything due to the lack of, for example, the length of the wire from the food processor. Therefore, already at the planning stage, it is necessary to imagine what the future kitchen will be and how much power sources required.

Which is more important: look or functionality?

It must be remembered that the furniture must be functional. Of course, the external beauty of the shelves is an integral part of modern design. However, if they are not functional, such modular kitchen will not bring satisfaction to those who will use it. These shelves should have enough place for all these things they are done. Otherwise, there is no sense in them except the decorative one.

It is also worth noting that the kitchen units should have a number of characteristics. Indeed, how long it will last depend on its reliability, and practicality is a very important factor in cooking.

Recently it has become fashionable to combine the new kitchen with the living room. This solution is quite functional, and it looks modern. If one of the rooms is small, combining the kitchen with the living room will sometimes be the best option. Usually, interior design in such a room is generalized or divided into zones.

Another popular trend in the design of modern kitchens is placing a bar counter. The main thing in a modern style is convenience and simplicity. So, the bar is very functional – you can drink coffee or alcohol behind it, have a quick bite, or just sit there while someone is cooking.

Choose color and material

The kitchen furniture in a modern style is usually made of metal, wood, plastic, gypsum, glass, etc. There are no restrictions. Wooden kitchens are especially popular. They are environmentally friendly, practical, and durable. Wood makes the kitchen cozy, creates a warm atmosphere. And in combination with other materials and finishes, the room has a stylish, sophisticated look.

For example, if you combine wood and metal, the interior will harmoniously combine the mystery of nature and the civilization of the city. The atmosphere will become cozy and strict at the same time. The glass will create the impression of space and light. To cover the floor, you should use the durable washable floor covering, laminate, or parquet. MDF and particleboard are also often used in modern kitchens.

When you search kitchens for sale it is very important that these were made of moisture-resistant materials. After all, the kitchen is the place where water often falls on the furniture. In addition, all materials must be strong enough.

For countertops, you can use either stone or laminated particleboard. It is worth noting that with regard to the material, it all depends only on the wishes of the customer, or rather on his financial capabilities.

All the materials listed above are approximately the same in terms of their operational characteristics. However, there are a number of points. For example, if you choose natural wood furniture, then it is more demanding to care for. And when choosing a stone countertop, you will have less headache with the load that it can withstand.

Modern style is distinguished by light shades. They are elegant and simple, non-irritating, and contribute to a calm atmosphere. And this is so important for well-being. Bright and saturated colors in the kitchen often look tasteless or simply inappropriate, especially if there are a lot of them.

In order not to go too far with a color palette, choose one color. And then choose from its shades. If you are afraid that the kitchen interior will turn out sadly, then diversify it by a few color accents.


The modern kitchen design must meet the requirements of time and fashion. Before you make out the kitchen space, familiarize yourself with the fashion trends in design, and select some of the most suitable. Remember – the kitchen should be as comfortable and convenient as possible.

When choosing materials, be guided not only by appearance but also by practicality. For example, you can decorate the kitchen using glass materials. The glossy surface looks rich and beautiful, but it is difficult to care for. Be prepared that you will have to monitor its cleanliness constantly, as everything will be visible: fingerprints, dust, greasy spots.However, do not be afraid to experiment, and if you think that your designing strengths are not enough to buy kitchen of your dream, then seek the help of A.K. Studio Limassol company professionals for help. Sometimes, with the right combination, even the most incompatible elements can create an original design. Also, the A.K. Studio company provides furniture from trusted suppliers and manufacturers such as Lyons, Novaera arreda and others.

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