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A wardrobe is a furniture that is needed in every home. Despite the variety of equipment options in furniture stores, there are currently two main types of these:

  • Block constructions;
  • Modular ones, consisting of several structural elements.

Of course, the material from which the wardrobe is made is of great importance. You can buy the wardrobe made of chipboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or solid wood. The most popular today is MDF because it is much cheaper than solid wood but more environmentally friendly and durable than chipboard.

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The next important criterion is style and combination with other furniture and interiors. The wardrobes should accord the color scheme, other elements, and the general style of the room. This can be conspicuous and popular high-tech, pretentious classic, or even luxurious baroque, depending on your personal preferences.

Types of wardrobes

  • Straight lines or corner (L shaped) ones?

If you need to buy wardrobe, the choice usually starts with a chaotic look at all the possible options, and you lose a lot of time for this, becoming confused by a wide assortment. So, it’s best to start your search by deciding which room you want to put the furniture.

If there is a place in the corner of the room, then it is certainly wiser to look at the corner option. For some apartments of small size, this is the best choice, as it makes it possible to use the available space fully.

If the corner one option does not suit you, then a classic wardrobe sale will satisfy your needs without any problems.

  • Hinge door or sliding type?

Fashion trends for furniture in a modern style reduced the demand for loose type wardrobes, and this is regrettable. Many consumers do not even look at such options. However, European designers use classical wardrobes that look adequate and modern. Just look at the pictures on our website, and you will understand what we mean.

With the invention of sliding wardrobes, the problem of installing them in places where it is simply impossible to put loose one was solved easily. Such furniture saves valuable space in the house and allows put a lot of things into it.

  • Loft wardrobes

Thanks to this type of wardrobes, you can easily clean up your attic and fill up a lot of free space there. An attic with such a wardrobe can become an additional living room. Among the loft wardrobes, there are mainly options with hinge doors, but if you wish, you can order and find an option with sliding ones.

  • Wardrobe with a mirror

This type of wardrobes allows you to combine two things necessary in each apartament, and thereby save free space. Plus, the mirror surface visually makes the room larger. Most often, such wardrobes have sliding doors, but you can also find options with hinge doors where mirrors can be located both in front and behind the door.

  • Walk-in-wardrobes

These cabinets are built into the closet in order to place as many items as possible with maximum convenience. A huge variety of shelves and surfaces will allow everyone to easily find the most suitable type of walk-in-wardrobe.

If you once decided which type is better for your preferences, do not forget that the sliding wardrobes can also be angular, and believe, they are extremely convenient and spacious.

Combination of good materials and functionality

An important step in choosing furniture is the manufacturer search dilemma. Buying a wardrobe online from a dubious organization means that you cannot be sure in workmanship, time, material certification, and a warranty of the product purchased.

The unreasonable risk may adversely affect the following:

  • The health of loved ones, when allergenic substances are used or if MDF is not treated, the highly toxic compounds are spread all over the room and harm human health;
  • Losing precious time while waiting for furniture or in case of erroneous work that should be redone;
  • Nervousness, when warranty rules are not fulfilled, and when things go wrong.

Cooperation with A.K. Studio Limassol minimizes all these risks since we work only with trusted manufacturers and suppliers that always fulfill their obligations. Most products are available as soon as possible or upon request. Delivery and installation are not a problem since we will organize everything. Manufacturers and suppliers provide certificates of quality both for raw materials and finished products. All wardrobes for sale near me purchased at A.K. Studio are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Choose the suitable design and shapes

A good wardrobe should have the following characteristics:

  1. The structure must have a certain rigidity. Otherwise, it may fall. Manufacturers, as a rule, try to achieve rigidity through the back wall. Keep in mind that if the wall back, is made of too thin MDF, sooner or later, under the weight of objects in the cabinet, it will simply move away. That would interfere with the rigidity of the structure and sometimes even lead to the collapse of the wardrobe.
  2. All elements must comply with the anthropometric characteristics of a medium-sized person making the wardrobe convenient to use. There are certain certified rules that manufacturers must comply with.
  3. The wardrobe should be as functional as possible. It may contain various structures for inflating clothes on a hanger, as well as special shelves for hats, shoes, and accessories.
  4. High-quality fittings are one of the indicators of high-quality furniture. The good manufacturers will not save on them as they provide the aesthetic appearance of each part of furniture.
  5. The quality of the wardrobe is also determined by the absence of gaps and distortions between doors and other components, as well as the presence of tight butt.
  6. All doors should be opened easily and without excessive efforts, and wardrobes should be easy to move due to the presence of control devices when they are designed.

Depending on the purpose, size, and availability of other furniture in the room, a suitable wardrobe model should be selected. For example, you can use ordinary wardrobes for spacious rooms, and for small rooms and small apartments, a corner one wardrobe will save some free space.


So, it’s not difficult to buy wardrobe online if to get acquainted with the complete catalog of A.K. Studio. Still, choosing a quality wardrobe is not an easy task. Before making a choice, try to consider all the nuances available and select the model that best suits your personal needs or call our consultant.

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