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Office furniture is an integral part of the comfort and image of the organization. Convenient tables, chairs, a sufficient number of places for storing documents and stationery allow employees to concentrate only on work, not being distracted by the constant solution of everyday issues.

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After you buy the office furniture, you gain opportunity to transform the room, reorganize it, create additional working places, make the interaction between employees more productive.

What should be office furniture

No one doubts that the interior of the office is of great importance for any company, as visitors and customers of the company look, first of all, at its office. An essential point when ordering office furniture lies precisely in its cost. As a rule, many company owners want to save on office furniture, which may subsequently affect the quality of work of all employees of the organization. When choosing high-quality office furniture, you should not save money, and it is better to choose furniture that will last for a long time and is made from environmentally friendly materials that will not harm the health of your workers.

It is worth noting that right office furniture, first of all, should be ergonomic with the possibility of individual adjustment for each employee. Cheap furniture with a high degree of probability can harm the health of those who will work for it. You may be able to detect a decrease in the productivity level of many office employees just after a few months. Office furniture should be comfortable and designed for all employees involved in the work of the company because office employees spend most of their time in the workplace. The most critical point in the selection of furniture for the office is the basis for providing the opportunity to work productively and to feel comfortable in the room.

Choosing the good materials

The issue of quality is one of the most important when choosing from presented office furniture for sale. Do not save on material and fittings. The choice in favor of quality products will pay off very soon because you do not have to change broken chairs and cabinets regularly.

It is important to protect all corners and surfaces so they should be supplied with special plastic pads. When choosing cabinets, special attention should be paid to the strength of the shelves. The deeper and wider the cabinet, the thicker the shelves should be. For cabinets with a width of 700 mm, the thickness of the shelves should not be less than 16 mm. Otherwise, under the weight of the document folders, the shelves may bend and break.

If you use a free office layout, where the cabinets will play the role of partitions, you should pay attention to their back wall. It must have an attractive appearance and be durable. The best option would be to buy cabinets with a rear wall made of chipboard or dual models. In such cabinets, the back wall is common, and shelves are located in front and behind.

We strongly recommend paying attention to the environmental friendliness of office furniture, since the materials from which it is made should not harm the employees of the company.

Choosing the suitable design of the office furniture

Today, office furniture can be bought not only ready-made in the store, but also on order. Modular office systems from manufacturers will help to save a lot. In addition, the A.K. Studio office furniture near me (if you live in Limassol) designers will help to draw up a furniture arrangement project that will consider all the features of the team and the work process. For such project, it will be easier to calculate costs and make an order.

In order to plan the placement of office furniture, you need to know the exact size of the room, the number of employees, and especially their interaction with each other. Closed cabinets and customer service departments are crucial when planning. To ensure comfort not only for employees, but also for visitors, it is worth taking care of the waiting area, and spacious negotiation tables. If the company decided to offer the drinks for a client, special furniture should be considered at the design stage.

If the specifics of the company are non-standard or you plan to create an unusual interior, existing models of tables, chairs, and cabinets are most likely not suit you. In this case, you can also order unique office furniture. When drawing up the project, A.K. Studio designer will consider all the features of using one or another piece of furniture, so that all employees would be equally comfortable using storage systems, copy machines, telephones, etc.

An important point in the design of the arrangement of furniture is the location of various equipment. It should be as accessible as possible, but at the same time not occupy the desktops completely, because often there can be work with papers. All electrical and communication wires must be hidden, as this will make the office not only neat in appearance but also safe.

Combination of comfort and functionality

The quality work of employees largely depends on the conditions of work created by the employer. Labor productivity increases if a person works in comfortable conditions – with the right lighting, surrounded by comfortable and beautiful furniture. In order for furniture pieces were harmoniously combined with each other, most often, they are purchased as a whole for the entire office. Since people actively use office furniture, a necessary criterion for its proper choice are quality standards.

The most suitable for offices is ergonomic furniture in light shades. Still, it is necessary to choose dirt-repellent materials, as this will ensure the durability of the furniture and its beautiful appearance.

When choosing office furniture, you should pay attention to its compliance with the essential requirements:

  • Table: Must have high durability, should not stagger. Office furniture includes work table, computer table, and side table.
  • Cabinet: Must be durable and roomy, have high-quality fittings. A versatile and indispensable piece of furniture in small offices is a sliding door wardrobe. It allows using the office space rationally. In large office premises, it can be used as an office divider for different zones.
  • Mobile drawer unit: Must have roomy drawers and high-quality racks on which the drawers will move.
  • Armchairs and chairs: Must have a comfortable backrest, armrests, adjustable height. Office armchairs and chairs can be divided into three groups: for managers, for staff, and for clients. As a rule, the most massive and high-quality are armchairs for managers. The comfortable office chair often has a swing spring adjuster, which makes it possible to lean back, adjustable armrests, a pneumatic mechanism for raising the seat. Genuine leather is often used for upholstery. Armchairs and chairs for staff should be comfortable and simple. When working at a computer, the presence of armrests is important. For their upholstery, fabric or leatherette is most often used. Armchairs for clients are also simple and must necessarily correspond to the style of the entire office.
  • Upholstered furniture: As a rule, it is presented in the form of a guest sofa. It should be comfortable and made of quality materials, and as upholstery can be selected as fabric or leatherette and genuine leather.


The office is a rather complicated structure, and the right choice of furniture significantly affects the performance and health of workers. That is why you should seriously approach the choice of furniture for the design of the workplace. The choice of office furniture today is diverse, and its quite hard to work on arranging the office DIY. Or to simplify the task, you turn for help from A.K. Studio Cyprus professional designer since the lack of knowledge often does not allow an unbiased assessment of the advantages or disadvantages of a particular product.

You can buy office furniture in a variety of ways – even without leaving home in A.K. Studio office furniture online store. An important factor when choosing is the ability to purchase custom-made furniture. By investing in an office setting, you are investing in the development of your company. Workers and visitors will appreciate the care of them.

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