Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

It is always pleasant to invite friends, relatives, and neighbors into the yard furnished with exquisite patio furniture. The quality of the atmosphere at home indicates the status of the owners, emphasizes their prestige. It is enough to know the subtleties of choice from this article, and choosing among outdoor furniture sale will not cause difficulties. And if any problems nevertheless arise,   you can always turn to professional designers A.K. Studio Limassol for consultation.

What kind of outdoor furniture do you need

To choose the right outdoor furniture, you should first answer a few questions.

What is the purpose of the furniture? If you are planning a permanent feast then you cannot do without a spacious table and comfortable soft sofas or armchairs. But if you prefer outdoor activities, a small table and several folding chairs will be enough. And don’t forget about sun loungers, if you plan to take a sunbath.

Which furniture  style to choose? When you choose a furniture style first of all, consider the design of the house. So, for example, if the house is decorated in a minimalist style, the furniture should be selected of the same type, with a laconic design and color matching the exterior design elements.

The weather in your area

Most often, outdoor furniture is made of plastic, wood, aluminum, and is also wicker or made of wrought iron. However, only a few species of wood can stand outdoors for a long time without special treatment – these are teak, beech, and larch.

The most suitable for Cyprus climatic conditions is teak. It was once used to build ships that could withstand the effects of seawater, winds, and the sun for decades. Teak wood contains a large number of sticky substances and essential oils, which serve as good waterproofing agents, and the dense structure of the material allows it not to crack under the sun.

Beech and larch share second place in terms of resistance to the effect of the open air. Larch tolerates temperature extremes well and has high humidity. Nevertheless, chosen outdoor furniture online made from these woods should be covered with several layers of varnish – pay attention to this.

As for the wicker options, then the choice among outdoor furniture sale is obvious – rattan. A huge plus of rattan furniture is its ability to absorb water. As rattan grows in the tropics and the plant is adapted to both heat and rain. Therefore, it is safe to leave furniture on the street without fear that it may get wet. Rattan wood has total immunity to moisture.

Combination of comfort and quality of materials

When choosing patio furniture online, you should pay attention to its convenience and comfort, because it will be used on an ongoing basis, which means you should approach its choice as carefully as choosing furniture for your home.

The nuance of using such furniture is that it is always outside, which means it has direct contact with different weather conditions. Outdoor furniture in Cyprus should withstand direct sunlight and not be afraid of rain and wind.

Share a place for relaxation and barbecue

It is undesirable to install garden furniture on the lawn, as there should be a special place for this. The furniture area should be located at a certain elevation so that rainwater does not accumulate on it.

If you also have a barbecue area, then regardless of whether you have a portable barbecue or stationary, it is important to follow fire safety regulations. If you are just going to equip a barbecue area, then it is ideal that it matches the style of patio furniture.

Think about design and decoration

Garden furniture differs in design methods. There are four main types of design you should know before you buy patio furniture:

  • Wicker – is an exclusively natural type of decoration, environmentally friendly, compact, and ergonomic. Requires careful use in hot or humid weather.
  • Forged – a high-strength, long-lasting design method with increased moisture resistance due to anti-corrosion agents.
  • Natural – suitable for lovers of all natural. Created from natural materials will harmoniously blend in the landscape design.
  • Combined – implies a combination of several materials or manufacturing methods in one set. For example, a rattan wicker table looks great with a wrought iron bench or a wooden beech sofa.


The assortment of garden furniture is so extensive and can satisfy even the most demanding customer. If you buy outdoor furniture from A.K. Studio suppliers (such as Saoncella, Walco, Mascheroni), you will get a completely different look of your yard – noble, elegant, fashionable.

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