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TV walls AK design

The TV wall not only harmoniously fits into the general appearance of the room, but also fills it with the special atmosphere of the hearth. There are various types of walls. In addition to a special niche for TV, they are also equipped with various compartments, shelves, and cabinets, where you can easily place speakers, tuners, magazines, and books.

Due to this, the design of TV wall can be used in different ways – to rationally store things, save free space, and close an empty wall in a room. In addition, a wide range of products makes selecting a TV wall for any interior design style much easier.

What kind of TV walls do you want

Designers are sure that the TV wall in a modern style allows the use of both single aesthetic concept and light eclecticism – a combination of textures such as glass and wood, MDF and metal, harmonious lines, and asymmetries.

It is obvious that the wall for the TV pursues the dominant goal of total comfort. Each person initially wants to use practical furniture. So, it should be:

  • As capacious as possible,
  • Cumbersome,
  • Complementing the architectural format of the room.

2 or 3 in 1 model types now are most popular. There is when the kit includes a cabinet with a mirror and drawers and a niche for a TV. Such models are very convenient and help to save a lot of free space.

In the vast majority of cases, the TV wall is selected on the same style that upholstered furniture, carpets, wallpaper, decorative wall elements have. Ideally, the wall TV should have shelves, mezzanines, and a wardrobe for cloth.

Another type is a corner model, and this is the right solution to save free space. In order not to occupy meters of the usable area near the walls, the TV walls are often placed in the corner, diagonally from the interior door.

About the design of your room

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Appearance – any piece of furniture should fit into the general style of the room, be sustained in one color palette, and reflect the apartment owners’ preferences.
  • Functionality – the TV wall, first of all, should be roomy. The presence of several different departments will allow you to place all the necessary equipment and accessories in it.
  • Particular attention should be paid to quality. It is important to check the structural strength, the reliability of moving parts, as well as pay attention to the material. Most modern models are made of wood, particleboard, MDF, glass, metal, and plastic.

Due to the huge variety of goods from A.K. Studio Cyprus suppliers, each client has the opportunity to choose the best option for himself.

Use suitable and safe details

To buy a wall for a TV correctly, you need to consider several important aspects of the choice. Furniture should be:

  • durable;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • technically safe;
  • of aesthetically pleasant look.

A wall with a place for a TV must be in harmony with the interior style of the room in which it will be located. Also, it should be selected considering the parameters and model of the TV receiver itself. It is important to consider:

  • screen diagonal;
  • presence of additional elements (amplifiers, speakers, stands for disks, etc.);
  • location of engineering communications in the room (sockets, antennas, cables);
  • option of connection of the TV to another household or computer equipment, etc.

To ensure that the surface of the furniture will not become deformed in a short time and will not emit an unpleasant chemical smell, suppliers of A.K. Studio Limassol use environmentally friendly, durable, heat-resistant textures, inert to active mechanical attacks. We cooperate only with trusted companies such as:

  • Corazzin Group;
  • Giessegi;
  • Sangiacomo;
  • Abitare Mobilstella;
  • Morassutti Arredamenti;
  • Olivieri.


When choosing a place for a TV, there are some problems with installing all the necessary equipment. Indeed, in addition to the monitor, there is also a player, speakers and a bunch of wires that do not look very aesthetically pleasing. A specially equipped TV wall will help solve this problem, which will not only allow you to place all the necessary video and audio equipment comfortably but will also become a stylish addition to any interior.

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