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Be that as it may, but fantasy and imagination are qualities inherent in not every person. And there are even less those who can create successful ideas of interior design.

The truth is that it all starts with an idea. Yes, you cannot touch it, but it serves as the foundation for creating a beautiful and ergonomic interior. The idea will be the basis for the work of a builder, mason, painter… After all, the project is born first – and then a layout is created, and a house is built.

Interior design, first of all, is engineering — proper use of space and zoning. Skillfully applied knowledge, good taste, and customer wishes – this is how a good design project is created. An experienced designer, looking at the bare walls for the first time, will see the image, concept, and idea. After listening to your wishes, he will create something that suits you most of all. As a result, you will receive not only a beautiful but also an ergonomic house that you will not want to change for many years. House in which you will not encounter the problem of poor lighting, walls that burnt out from the sun, and an insufficient number of outlets.

Interior design in Cyprus

Many consider the construction part is the most important stage of repair. In fact, builders only do technical work. Satisfaction with the final result depends more on how the use of space is planned. Therefore, the first thing you need to think through to the smallest detail is the interior design Cyprus. 😎

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Undertaking a comprehensive repair, people often do not imagine what the final result should be. And the picture in your head, in reality, may not be as attractive and harmonious as it was intended. Of course, you can use the search for apartment design photos on the Internet, but you still need to adjust the option you like to the size and specificity of your home. This is impossible to do this without the help of specialists. Without drawings of a design project, it is difficult to explain the idea to workers, and there will be a lot of misunderstanding.

Why do you need interior design

The purpose of the interior design Limassol basin on the specifics of the room. So, when developing an individual project for the living space of an apartment, studio, or country house, the wishes of the customer will be considered and implemented under the following conditions:

  • Comfort;
  • The effectiveness of free space use;
  • A unique style solution, in accordance with the chosen concept.

Design projects differ in style, purpose, and price. As for the styles, the implementation uses different artistic techniques.

There are many styles today, and a combination of two or more is becoming more fashionable. The most popular are:

  • Classicism;
  • Art-Nouveau;
  • Art-Deco;
  • Provence;
  • Loft;
  • Minimalism;
  • High-tech;
  • Country;
  • Ethnic;
  • Eclecticism;
  • Techno.

Each style has its own characteristics, including the colors used, shapes, furniture, etc.

Why do I need an interior designer?

Basin on all the above, there can be identified seven main reasons why you need to choose an interior designer:

  • Specialist and artist. He has enough skills to create the interior of your dreams, and his experience will allow avoiding annoying mistakes;
  • Psychologist. After listening and talking with you, the interior designers Limassol will choose the solution that suits your lifestyle and temperament. Everything will be not only beautiful but also ergonomic;
  • Time-saver. Looking at the visualization, you will immediately see the arrangement of furniture, stylistic direction, and color scheme. You do not need to spend days drawing up a design concept and train your imagination when choosing interior and decor elements;
  • As a professional, he always has contacts with construction teams, suppliers, and he is always aware of market prices. If you liked certain cuisine furniture, but the price is too high, it will always find workarounds – an additional discount or a better offer from competitors;
  • Own construction team. You do not have to choose blindly and worry about the lack of professionalism of the team, constantly arguing with the foreman or watching every little thing in the work while looking for the right answers on the Internet;
  • A well-thought-out plan for electrics and lighting devices. Since the plan is drawn up for your furniture arrangement, you will not encounter the problem of a lack of outlets in the kitchen. Or with a bunch of wires across the room. Everything will be thought out and hidden, so you will not encounter any inconvenience.

When making repairs, of course, you want the result which will please you for a long time, and to spend the money wisely. So why not entrust your home to a professional who will help you make it even better than you can expect and save you from annoying mistakes?

How interior design can change your home

Design is not just a beautiful look of the room and its convenience, it is a whole complex of works that solves the following tasks:

  • Plan creation. With the help of the design, the configuration, purpose, space of the premises to be repaired is determined. If a major overhaul is being carried out and there will be a redevelopment, then the places for the partitions will be marked. Planning will help to eliminate the additional costs that arise as a result of inefficient use of floor space.
  • Constructive solution. It is about strengthening existing structures and arranging new ones as needed. At this stage, engineering calculations are carried out, if necessary.
  • Ergonomic. This refers to ensuring the ease of use of all premises, determining a suitable room neighborhood. Ergonomics also refers to the location and design of furniture in a room to make it comfortable and functional.
  • Aesthetic. The key task at this stage is to bring uniqueness, to show the characteristic features, and to individualize the project. At this stage, the mutual understanding of the designer and the customer is very important. For the implementation of this, a detailed sketch of future, including color solutions, the location of furniture, partitions, decor, etc. is created.
  • Economic. The designer is sometimes faced with a difficult task to fit the wishes of the customer into the existing budget. This stage is very important to coordinate and come to a common denominator.

Choosing right interior designer in Cyprus

The development of the interior design project by A.K. Studio specialists will help to avoid possible errors in the repair. A competent designer will develop a 3D model of the room, considering all the details and trifles. The designer will plan the:

  • zoning of the space;
  • installation of partitions and arches;
  • change of utilities;
  • style and color scheme of the rooms;
  • arrangement of furniture;
  • amount of necessary materials.

As a result of the design, the customer will receive drawings with which builders can easily do their job. Using a creative approach, the designer will make your home cozy and stylish. To see some examples, you can visit interior design websites and find what may suit you. The A.K. Studio site has dozens of such examples, and all of them can be implemented for your house.


A.K. Studio professionals will take care of the uniqueness, comfort, and harmony of your apartment. Interior designers Cyprus will develop a unique project of any complexity and any room in Limassol. The main pride of A.K. Studio is the recommendations of happy customers.

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