Home Library Ideas

The work on a home library design is like writing a book. It’s important to think through a story, keep a style, fill it with details.

The classic style of a home library is a story that requires large volumes for bookcases, shelving – often massive, with carvings and height up to the ceiling. The furniture is often customized for book collections and the geometry of the room. Other furniture in such a home library must be in the same mood – tables, armchairs, stairs are also chosen skillfully.

What you need to create the perfect home library

The following rules apply to any home library design:

  • Books require special care – for their storage a room with high humidity, as well as with a lot of direct sunlight, is not suitable.
  • To protect books from the sun, hang curtains on the windows, and to ensure a sufficient amount of light – put a beautiful floor lamp or lamp near the chair.
  • Books should only be stored in an upright position – so they receive the necessary amount of air.
  • It would be best if you did not put books too tightly together.
  • The home reading room design should, first of all, be pleasant to you. Because the home library design ideas are about a place where the soul rests, and the mind is filled with fresh thoughts.
  • Before placing books, check the strength of the floors in the room. Will they be able to withstand heavy racks and cabinets full of books?

Сomfortable furniture 

Bookcases in a library should be of high quality, and their design is thought out and technological. When choosing library furniture, A.K. Studio Cyprus specialists carefully consider all the points, to help the customer achieve maximum comfort when using the library.

Place for books

Remember that the beginning of the creation of the library may not be books, but a wonderful cabinet that you want to fill with them. And you will always have time to make the book collection an assembly of magnificent literary works.


In order that the mysterious and fascinating process of reading was not hindered by any inconvenience, in addition to the spacious and functional shelves in the library, other necessary components will be needed, and among them is competent lighting. But not everything is so simple, as we are talking about competent lighting. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

  • Minimum amount of sunlight. If you care about the health of your eyes, then this statement may seem unreasonable. But do not forget that the library is, first of all, a place to store books, and therefore to think you need more about them. Direct sunlight can significantly reduce the life of publications. And why do this if with every day the value and price of each copy only increase? Therefore, try to shut the windows with thick curtains or blinds to provide books with the best storage conditions.
  • Moderate artificial light. There is no need to equip the entire library with bright lighting – it is not useful for books either, and it is unprofitable for you. There should be enough light only to find the necessary book.
  • Proper lighting in the reading zone. Although we care about our favorite books, we should not forget about our own eyes. The most powerful light of the library should concentrate on the reading zone. Proper lighting allows you to spend as much time on reading as you want, without health consequences. The best option is a special lamp on the reading table or a floor lamp. Why? Because, firstly, they can be easily moved in case of furniture rearrangement, and secondly, they give a bright and directional light.


The indoor plants on stands and paintings hung on the walls will help complete the home library interior design. Also, for this purpose can be used collections of coins, exquisite antique items, or exotic souvenirs brought in travels. These items give a special charm and personality to a space.

Library Ideas for small apartment

It is not worth considering a small area as an excuse to refuse to create a home library. A.K. Studio Cyprus designers have dozens of home reading room ideas for small rooms. Often, the space saver in such a situation is sliding bookshelves. They consist of rear fixed modules and the front ones that can be moved from side to side.

Commercial Projects

The possibility of planning the best home library designs around the soft zone of the living room should also be noted. The idea of ​​designing soft furniture backs with attached book modules also does not lose relevance. The main thing is to buy the right furniture – library modules should be no higher than the backs.

To conveniently insert the reading place in the living room, it is important to remember that each additional item in the room reduces the amount of free space. Therefore, for example, instead of the classic reading table, you can put a small coffee table on which you can put both a book and a cup of tea.

If you have rare books, antique dishes, or an autograph of your favorite writer in a frame – it is advisable to use cabinets with glass inserts and backlighting.

It is much easier to create a special atmosphere for reading in the living room if you have a fireplace.

Library Ideas for spacious home

In full-fledged home libraries with high ceilings, a special ladder to access library bins is a must. This is a question not only of functionality but also of aesthetics, a ladder brings a special chic, make the interior of the library true. To get copies from low shelves, you can get a stable portable ladder. However, do not forget about the safety rules – if the height of the bookcases in the library exceeds 3 meters, there must be used stationary staircases attached directly to the furniture.

The interior of the home library is a subtle combination of practicality and comfort. Today it can be performed in any style – from classic to modern. In the classic interior, the home library looks expensive and intelligent, in the modern – it is progressive and original.

For all classic home library ideas, should be used cabinets and shelves in warm colors, large leather armchairs, and a cozy rug.

Every detail is important here, including what the library is made of. The home library in the classical style emphasizes the high social status of its owner, classifies him as an elite, and reflects his high taste. For a modern style can be used the open shelves, the additional bookshelves mounted on the wall, unusual soft furniture, and an abundance of accessories. The main thing in the library’s modern interior design is its correspondence to all other rooms of the house. The library should remain in a general concept and should become a harmonious continuation of the main interior style.


The home library is no longer the unattainable luxury, and even vice versa has become a necessity. Albeit small, in the form of a cozy reading corner or some bookshelves, it becomes an important part of the bedroom or living room’s design.

Large libraries often used for the creation of secret door rooms camouflaged as the bookshelves. There may be hidden niches for storing especially important documents, valuable items, and self-defense equipment, about which only the owner of the house and his very reliable designer from A.K. Studio Limassol will know.

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