Everything you need to know about rustic design

This style is considered the European counterpart of the American country or the Russian village style. This is a truth – these styles are similar in spirit and materials, but the rustic interior design has its own unique features.

What is rustic style?

This style is suitable if you are tired of the metal and gloss of modern urban interiors. Rustic is a natural style. A house-made in this style resembles a forest or a fairy hut. Natural materials, calm shades, natural textures – this is the best rest for body and soul.

rustic style

History of rustic

The design of dwellings in the rustic style interior design came from the USA at the end of the 19th century. In short, the rustic style is country adapted to Europe.

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For the first steps in introducing this direction of design into life, you need to thank wealthy people who have become interested in making wooden furniture DIY. Representatives of famous American rich people – Morgan and Vanderbilt dynasty significantly contributed to spreading this style in America. Over time, the situation with hand-made elements of the interior has become popular among other people.

Gradually, the rustic indoor decor of the rooms became attractive not only to Americans but also to Europeans. So, in Europe began to appear houses very much similar to country style. The rudeness and «primordial nature» noted at first glance at such interior design and is the basis of the rustic.

History of rustic

The popularity of modern rustic house interior has increased significantly thanks to designers who actively combine modernity and rusticism. Rustic came from the Latin word «rusticus.» In English, the term «rustic» is used concerning the very simple and crude realities of rural life. This is the main difference between the «rustic» and «country» styles – the second does not imply brutal gaucherie.

Main rustic features

When buying old wooden houses, the new tenants, of course, start a renovation. But, being unable to abandon all the delights of rural antiquity, they left some of the elements in the original form. These include ceiling beams, plank or stone walls, wooden floors, and window frames, heavy doors, etc. Having received, in addition to the house, old furniture, the owners often do not throw it away, but use in the updated interior. At the same time, there is no need to maintain the rustic style in everything. On the contrary, modern materials, furniture, and household appliances were actively introduced into the interiors.

Main rustic features

This mixture of rough rural textures and modern details became a separate style. In the USA, it is called the term «rustic modern.» This is a mixed style that has become widespread in the United States and Europe, especially in Scandinavia.

So, one of the main features of the rustic style in the interior is eclecticism.

The primary materials in the rustic style are wood and stone. Wood should be only natural, but not the most expensive. Let it be with knots and cracks, noticeable annual rings. Wood for this style should undergo minimal processing – no grinding, painting, and varnishing, only pest protection. Shades can be different, both light (alder, walnut, maple) and dark (oak, cherry, beech).

Rustic and country: what is the difference?

  1. Designing interiors in a country style, people strive to   it in everything. For example, equip a house with home appliances which have a vintage design, retro plumbing, «grandmother’s» furniture, etc. Having chosen a rustic house interior, you can use any modern details in unlimited quantities.
  2. Country style tends to be complete and rustic – to be minimal. Country interiors have many decorative items and textiles. Rustic house interior design implies a maximum of free space and a minimum of unnecessary components.
  3. Country style has a lot of cheerful brightness. The walls there are often finished with wallpapers or painted in bright hues. Rustic-style interiors are more restrained and colorless.

Modern rustic in the interior details

  • Wall decoration. There may use cladding with wood, stone, or painted plaster. In wet areas, wood-like tiles or imitation old iron can be used.
  • Ceiling finish. Above your head should be wooden beams. However, the standard smooth ceiling painted in white or dark gray shades is also ok.
  • Floor coverings. The wood is mainly used – it can be rough and natural or processed and glossy. A wicker carpet, as well as ceramic tiles that imitate the color or texture of wood, old stone, rusty surfaces, are welcome too. If some of the listed materials are initially present in the interior, is an integral part of the house architecture, they must be refined and processed. For example, a wooden wall can be sanded and coated with antiseptics, and sometimes tinted and varnished.
  • Furniture. The interiors are mainly furnished with modern models with a simple design. The color of the furniture can remind the tone of old wood or masonry.
  • Modern rustic style decor accepts some oxymoron. Near the wooden wall, there may be a table with chrome legs, and next to it – transparent plastic chairs. If all the furniture in the room is modern, at least one rustic item should be introduced. On it will be made a spectacular ascent. For example, in the kitchen with a glossy white color, you can put a massive dining table, as if it is migrated from the farmer’s house.
  • Windows and doors. It is clear that the use of PVC windows and doors will look like an accent that stands out from the style. Accessories and door frames must be of wooden materials. The use of glass inserts is not recommended, the doors should be completely closed, with simple geometric embossing. Tall and wide windows with a large number of wooden beams are quite expensive, so replacing window frames with PVC materials styled like wood is allowed. Large windows provide good penetration of sunlight into the room, which is essential when choosing a rustic style. As for the curtains, these can be of wool or linen and of discreet colors. The color palette of curtains should be harmoniously matched to the tone of the entire interior.
  • Fireplace. This item is reminiscent of past ages’ life and is an integral part of the rustic style. Both a natural and artificial fireplace imitating fire is allowed. Natural stone framing is the most suitable for a fireplace. Or you can use a brick. A massive mantelpiece is a prerequisite for a rustic style home decor.  Unfortunately, not everyone can allow themselves the real fireplace due to the lack of adequate space or financial capabilities. Do not be upset, because the electric fireplace also looks good in the rustic interior house. Open fire and magic of its light can be added using candles of different sizes. The main thing is to maintain the atmosphere of warmth and comfort of family evenings near the fireplace, and from what materials it will be built not so important.
  • Decoration. For textile decor (bedspreads, pillows, covers, etc.), the sacking, gunny, and raw linen are actively used. Wicker rugs are typical of rustic style interior. As a decorative filling of the interiors, the firewood, wood crafts, antique chests, can be used too. All of these are mixed with modern objects – chromed lamps and mirrors, products made of glass and plastic.

In a word, a rustic interior that is a cocktail of textured antiquity and smooth modernity.

Why rustic interior design

Rustic style is in great demand by wealthy people, tired of hard work. According to many owners of such an interior – there is no better place for rest and relaxation after a busy working day.

A family nest made with considering the historical possibilities of interior decoration is favored by many people who live permanently in private houses.

rustic interior design in cyprus

Wooden beams, ceilings, walls of uncut stone, burlap on the windows, a large fireplace – all this will not look ridiculous in modern conditions if a true expert of A.K. Studio does the design. 


There are a lot of design styles, but your house is only one. How to choose the most suitable – one that will appeal to all family members and not make a nuisance of oneself in two years? Design A.K. Studio in Limassol will help you to choose the perfect solution. We will create for you a comfortable and stylish project at an attractive cost. Contact us right now, and let’s discuss the interior of your dreams!

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