Wallpaper in the interior is a simple and time-tested way of decorating walls. But even such a classic finish can be varied if you skillfully use modern types of wallpaper, combining them with each other. That’s why people so often buy wallpaper – because they are always in TOP. But how to make the right decision among the huge variety of wallpepar? There are two ways out. First is to read the article below, and second is to contact the A.K. Studio Cyprus professional designer.

Wallpaper is an important part of design

Wallpaper is considered a universal finishing material, which is suitable for different rooms – from the children’s room to the office. Due to the variety of operational and aesthetic characteristics, it is not difficult to choose the wallpaper suitable for a particular case.

Also, decorative wallpapers create a worthy imitation of various finishing materials – from Venetian plaster to a brick surface. If you use wallpaper, then as a result, repair costs are significantly reduced. The wallpaper will also help to quickly hide the unevenness of the walls without the need for additional work.

But do not forget that even high-quality wallpaper is a material that has a limited life compared to other types of wall decoration. In a couple of years, they will have to be re-glued. Therefore, the wallpaper is suitable for those who prefer to change the interior of the room periodically.

Functionality of wallpaper

How to navigate in a huge variety of types of wallpaper and choose the right option?

By water-resistance wallpapers are: ordinary (cleaned by dry method), moisture-proof (can withstand wet cleaning), waterproof (not only resistant to water, but also to various detergents).

By density: light and heavy (able to affect the microclimate in the room).

By the type of material:

  • paper wallpaper (environmentally friendly and inexpensive, but short-lived);
  • wallpaper for painting on a non-woven basis (easy to use, have an interesting texture);
  • vinyl wallpaper on a paper or non-woven basis (resistant to external influences, have decent decorative properties);
  • textile wallpaper (used to decorate a different interior and have sound-absorbing properties, but are finicky in care);
  • felt and velour wallpaper (sound-absorbing, have a high decorative effect, but absorb odors, moisture);
  • fiberglass wallpaper (suitable for rooms with high humidity, wear-resistant, non-toxic, able to hide the imperfections of the walls);
  • liquid wallpaper (easy to apply on the walls and mask their imperfections, have good sound insulation);
  • wallpaper in the form of a mat (made of natural fibers – jute, flax, algae, bamboo, therefore they are environmentally friendly, but difficult to operate);
  • cork wallpaper (sound-absorbing and non-toxic, but sensitive to high humidity);
  • metalized wallpaper – with a decorative layer of aluminum foil or powder (unstable to external influences and do not let air through, but moisture-proof and durable);
  • murals (will become an interior accent in the room, but require perfectly even walls and professional gluing);
  • lincrusta – elite wallpapers that can replace stucco molding (durable and environmentally friendly, but require complex gluing technology);
  • bead wallpaper (wear-resistant and highly decorative, but expensive);
  • cyber wallpaper (glow in the dark, which causes a limited scope).

Determine the number of rolls

The basis of calculations, before you go and buy wallpaper online, is accurate measurements, which will require construction tape. First, you need to measure the perimeter of the room to be repaired (the length of all walls) without taking into account the width of windows and doors and the level of the walls. And then the length and height of the sections above and below the windowsills, as well as above the doors. Now you are ready for the calculations.

Here is the calculation formula

  • The resulting perimeter of the room is divided by the width of the selected wallpaper (it can be from 50 centimeters up to 1 meter) and so we get the number of solid stripes.
  • Divide the length of the roll by the height of the room and get the number of pieces that can be cut from one package.
  • After that, we divide the total number of whole stripes by their number obtained from one roll. The result of arithmetic will be the number of rolls that are needed for cutting only complete strips.
  • Now it’s time to calculate the number of incomplete segments. We calculate them according to the same principle and add the result to the existing figure. Now you absolutely ready to order and buy wallpaper online.


Stylish and modern wall decoration in an apartment or house is one of the most important tasks in creating a fashionable interior. Currently, there is a wide variety of different finishing materials. But wallpaper has long been an absolute favorite when creating an interesting design. Suppliers of A.K. Studio Cyprus (among which are Affresco decor, KT exclusive and Lincrusta) regularly offer consumers new textures and color schemes. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to choose the best wallpaper for sale online, taking into account the characteristics of housing.

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Wallpaper in the interior is a simple and time-tested way of decorating walls. But even such a classic finish can be varied if you skillfully

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