Light Fittings

How to choose and buy light fittings? How to properly illuminate areas? How to buy enough fixtures? With the modern variety of fixtures in Cyprus, it’s easy to be at a loss, and this article will help you understand the names and specifics of each type.

How much light do you need?

In the table below are the rough estimates, which are used in practice by designers and architects during the selection of light.

Table of generally accepted lighting standards for rooms with a ceiling height of not more than 3 m.

Premises where dim light is usedBedroom10-12W per square meter or 100 – 150 Lm for LED
Premises where the average light level is usedBathroom, children’s room15-18W per square meter or 150-200 Lm for LED
Rooms with brightest lightLiving room20W per square meter or 200-230 Lm for LED

Thus, to get an idea of ​​how many lamps are needed to illuminate your room, you need to multiply the area of ​​the room (in square meters) by the number of watts (or Lumen, Lm) from the row of the table corresponding to the type of your room.

Further, in a number of cases, it is necessary to make appropriate amendments:

If the ceiling height in the room is more than 3 meters, the total number of watts and Lm needed must be multiplied by a minimum of 1.5

If the walls of the room and furniture are designed in dark colors with a matte surface, the amount of light should also be taken not according to the norm, but with a margin. It is impossible to give a specific coefficient in this case. Ask for the help of professional A. K. Studio designer in such a situation.

Lighting efficiency and saving electricity

Yes, indeed, light fittings, or rather light sources in them, consume energy. Thanks to the development of technology, mankind has the opportunity to use energy-saving lamps, including LED ones. Energy-saving has become affordable. By reducing consumption, we get real money savings. Of course, the importance of energy efficiency is prime for public spaces (offices, hotels, airports, industries, stadiums, shopping centers, etc.), but saving in the private sector is no less important because there is no such thing as free money there is no free money.

Of course, the quality of both a light fitting and a lamp bulb is largely influenced by energy saving. A.K. Studio Cyprus only works with trusted suppliers so you can buy light fittings that are absolutely safe for your health. Among them:

SavoyHouseSlampQuasarLamp InternationalPatriziagarGanti
Leds-c4Zonca InternationalGallo sncArtglassBanci
 IrisCristal De Majo 

Choose the type and design of lamp

  • Chandelier is one of the most common light fittings. Chandeliers are equally suitable for any room. Massive chandeliers on long chains with many bulbs should be chosen for large rooms with high ceilings. Miniature chandeliers for one lamp will be the best option for small rooms with a low ceiling.
  • Sconce – wall light fitting for local lighting. Good for illumination of mirrors, and the space near a coffee table or dining corner. If you want to create background lighting, then a sconce with spherical shades of colored or frosted glass is suitable for this purpose.
  • Spotlights – are installed in suspended ceilings. Sometimes they are used in wardrobes, drywall structures. Create soft and even lighting.
  • Floor lamp – for local lighting. Located in the corner, they visually expand the room. The best option for bedroom and living room. In the restrooms, it is recommended to use floor lamps of different heights, creating coziness and comfort.
  • Table lamp – also for local lighting. They were designed to illuminate the workplace in the office, room, and other premises. Like other lamps, it can also perform a decorative function, giving the interior of the room style and completeness. In this case, the appearance of the lamp, its color, and the lampshade are of utmost importance.
  • Night lamp – a table lamp for general lighting, designed for designing optical images on the ceiling and walls of a room (starry sky, fairy-tale characters and stories). The possibility of musical accompaniment may be provided. The night lamp is often made in the form of animals (butterfly, turtle, ladybug, teddy bear). Most commonly used in children’s rooms.
  • Current-carrying tires – general-purpose ceiling light fittings. They look like rails mounted in the ceiling. Miniature rotary lamps are installed in the special grooves of these rails. The advantage of this design is that the fixtures can be moved and change the direction of their lighting. Often current-carrying tires are made of glass. They are well suited for the dining room, kitchen, living room, hall.


The combination of various lighting devices allows you to create several lighting scenarios and give the object the desired mood and unique atmosphere. The above-mentioned features of the fixtures are basic, and if you take them into account when designing lighting, you can easily find the optimal option and buy light fittings online without any problems.

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