Architectural projects in Limassol


Some people, trying to save money on building or reconstruction of a house, refuse to develop a full-fledged project of architectural design in Limassol. As a result, from the very beginning, they endanger the whole future idea – after all, how to build a house correctly if you do not have a project according to which you can track all the stages of work?

That’s right – no chances, without a project, the construction turns into hard-to-manage chaos, which eats the budget and does not even try to look finished.

At the stage of architectural design, all the most important issues that are related to the construction of your future home are resolved, as well as the most detailed plan is drawn up, according to which the construction will be carried out.

Architectural design in Limassol

A lot of people have no idea why architectural design is needed and what a design project is. Therefore, they often make a huge mistake trying to save on its development. People think why they should spend money on interior design, at least there are good builders with great experience who will do apartment renovation or repair a cottage without design documentation. This error, however, will lead to additional costs during building or reconstruction works.

What is an architectural design

Architectural design is a type of project activity that is aimed at creating an aesthetic and comfortable environment for a person to live.

Today, an architect is obliged to master the art of designing not only practical but also attractive objects. And also, to be a little computer genius, to realize the idea on the screen, and then create a layout using 3D printing, and at the very end – go to bricks and cement.

Why do you need architectural  design for your home

Well-designed projects play an important role in the visualization of the future interior of a room. They help to understand how to arrange furniture items and decorative details in the correct way, which color scheme is best to choose in a particular situation. Also, design projects allow to make an appraisal in advance and monitor its implementation at each stage of building or repair. 😎

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Such projects will provide you with accurate estimates of the number of materials needed, which will save a lot of money. In addition, designing the style of the interior will create a unique image for your home or office.

Choosing right architectural designer Limassol

Architectural design Limassol is divided into several stages – your project should include them:

  1. Outline design: development of the layout and appearance of the external facade of the building. It will give you the opportunity to understand what the future home will look like, but there will not be enough data for building it.
  2. Architectural project: this is a more detailed development of the project. It already considers the size, arrangement of building structures, materials, etc. Some construction companies are limited to this stage and after it begins construction, but it also does not give a complete picture of the future apartments.
  3. Architectural and construction project: includes the study of all engineering networks and internal communications of the future home (heating, water supply, sewage, electricity, ventilation). It consists of two sections – an architectural solution and a constructive solution. In this project, the house will be worked out to the smallest detail, the most accurate calculation of all the required materials will be done, etc.

Only such a detailed project from A.K. Studio Limassol allows to immediately get the whole picture of future construction and predict its timing and cost, which will significantly save time and protect against emergency situations.

Stages of creating design projects

At the first step, experienced architectural designer will carefully inspect the building, study all the wishes and requirements of the customer. Then, qualified specialists outline the interior of the future premises and show them to the client. After the approval of a single plan, designers proceed directly to the creation of the project itself.

At this stage, architectural specialists of A.K. Studio Limassol perform the following actions:

  • development of the final interior design for future housing or office;
  • creation of a three-dimensional model of the future premises using special computer programs for visualization;
  • implementation of accurate drawings with all the details that builders will use during building, repairs, and decoration;
  • selection of the necessary building materials and calculation of their quantity. Due to that after the end of all work there nothing will be left unused;
  • order of furniture and all elements of decor;
  • assistance in the implementation of the interior design project throughout the construction and repair works.

Benefits of good architectural design

More creative design

An architect will discuss with you all your needs and wishes, which will be used to create a unique construction. Thanks to high creativity, experience, and training, architects of A.K. Studio can deal with great projects and innovative solutions that you might not even have thought of.

Fewer mistakes

One design mistake can make a house uncomfortable or even impossible to use. Can a living room be beautiful but functional? The highly qualified specialists of the architectural company in Limassol take such and other factors into account when creating projects.

Help in choosing materials

Proper finish and surface materials can create or break a design. With extensive knowledge of materials, an architect can guide you through this important decision-making process. He will explain the pros and cons of each option and help you to choose materials for the surface to achieve the desired effect.

Smoother project coordination

The best architectural companies will coordinate the construction project and work with subcontractors to ensure that everything is in order. This allows resolving unforeseen problems easier.


One of the main activities of A.K. Studio is the creation of design projects in Limassol. The company employs only qualified professionals who are able to design any premises at the highest level.

Architectural designer Limassol from A.K. Studio is not just professional who have passed some stage of training. All specialists of this company are talented individuals and know what creativity is. House architecture and design are two related professions that complement each other, creating comfort and aesthetics of living space.

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