Classic interior design in Limassol

Classic interior design in Limassol
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    The classic-style interior is an example of solemn severity and laconic clarity. The classic interior design Limassol has immunity to the vagaries of fashion, and it captivates with elegance and relevance at any time – the apartment will look modern in 5 and even 10 years. This stylistic direction is considered to be the golden mean of design, so it is suitable for almost any room.

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    What is classic interior design

    Classicism is a style that has been popular for so many years. Even the chambers of the medieval rulers were decorated in this style. Classicism is characterized by such features as luxury, monumentality, splendor, the high cost of materials, heavy curtains with lambrequins, high ceilings, stucco molding, the presence of paintings, and figurines.

    In general, the classic house interior design is not just of one direction, but of several at once. Among them, there are Greek, Roman, Gothic interior styles, the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Modern, and directly Classicism.

    Today, classic interior design is back in fashion. And there is no wonder – this style has passed the test of time. It is associated with wealth and luxury. From the point of view of psychology, it characterizes the owner as a calm, reasonable, and successful person, faithful to traditions.

    Classic interior designers

    When creating an interior in a classical style, designers try, first of all, to adhere to clear geometric shapes. This rule applies to both spatial frames and indoor furniture. Extra details are missing, the decor is restrained, the walls are plain and smooth, but stucco molding with floral motifs is allowed. Stucco can also adorn the doors and windows of the room. The cottage, made in this style, easily and naturally fits into almost any landscape.

    In addition, the classical style is inconceivable without solid wooden furniture, large mirrors in massive wooden frames or stucco frames, the use of natural stones, the expensive fabrics in the decoration. All of this creates an elitist atmosphere of luxury. However, the main thing in the classical style is comfort and coziness. Do not pay too much attention to luxury and pomp. Your apartment should, first of all, be comfortable for living. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve harmony in the classical design of the interior.

    Do you dream of an interior in the style of a modern classic, but do not know how to properly apply all the features of this design direction? Contact the A.K. Studio interior design company. We will develop a competent design project, thought out to the smallest detail. Our specialists will help you in the creation of the perfect interior, comfortable and attractive.

    Classic interior design in Limassol

    The classic style of interior design has always been and will be in fashion. Different countries have their own national features of its interpretation, but, nevertheless, the main characteristic features of this stylistic concept are the same. The apartments, furnished in the style of classicism, are characterized by the aristocracy, combined with comfort and a homely cozy atmosphere. Still, since this style involves the use of furniture and accessories made from natural materials, not everyone can financially afford to bring the classic interiors in Limassol projects to life.

    Key highlights of the classic style

    Any designer can distinguish classicism from other styles in a matter of minutes. And all because this concept has its own “identifying” features.

    • Clear focal points. In simple terms, focal points are the main objects of the interior around which the entire design of the room is built. In the living room, such an object may be a fireplace. When the furniture is placed around it, its color scheme should be in harmony with a fireplace. It should be noted that in the interior, there can be several focal points at once.
    • Symmetry and correct lines. Architectural groups are located symmetrically. This is especially clearly manifested in the nature of the classic house design interior. So, if visually divide the room into two equal parts, there can be noticed that objects on both sides mirror each other.
    • A lot of place for lighting. Since the classical style appeared even before the electric times, special attention was paid to lighting. This trend has continued up to this day — the apartments decorated in a classic design must-have luxurious wall and table lamps. And, of course, in the center of the ceiling should be a magnificent chandelier.
    • Natural finishing, building and decorative materials. The classic is characterized by the use of exclusively natural materials such as stucco, wood, expensive brocade, precious metals, stone. Yes, today, on the market, there are a lot of plastic elements stylized as classic, but using them will not work to create a truly classic interior design in Limassol. From the foregoing, we can conclude that classicism in the interior of residential premises looks excellent and stunning, but requires considerable financial investments. Therefore, if you really want to see a classic design in your home, first evaluate your capabilities.


    A few arguments why you should choose the style of a new classic interior design:

    • The interior performed in this style always looks relevant. Having made repairs once, you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of your home for many years.
    • Classic is suitable for decoration of any type of premises, whether it is a country cottage, a city apartment, or even a business center.
    • This direction satisfies any, even the most demanding, taste.

    Classics are often chosen to emphasize the status and high position in society, and it easily copes with this task!

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