Modern interior design in Limassol


Modern interior design in Limassol is bright, spacious, and dynamic. Each time of the year makes changes to the established concept of «modern design.» Due to this, such type of design is thought to be one of the most fashionable.

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What is modern interior design

The modern style is an exceptionally large concept, which involves a number of significative artistic trends in the design of residential and public spaces. These trends change with the era and acquire their own form in the layout and style of interior solutions.

Here are just a few signs of a modern apartment interior design in Limassol:

  1. Strict lines;
  2. Rough materials;
  3. Unexpected combinations;
  4. A lot of air in the composition;
  5. Darkened colors with subtle, vibrant accents;
  6. Simple forms of walls, ceilings, and furniture;
  7. Lack of plaster and decor;
  8. The absence of a large pattern on wallpapers or the wallpapers in general.

Modern interior designers

The modern home interior is not only about the strict use of decoration rules. This is an indoor environment built on the «here and now» principle, and it does not sustain any stereotypes. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the project team of A.K. Studio immediately. The experts will undoubtedly help you to take a step to meet freedom and self-actualization, expanded borders, and beautiful life.

Modern house interior design

The signature moment of modern interior design in Limassol is spacious and bright rooms with high ceilings and large windows (often of unusual shape). If there is no physical way to increase the existing space, it must be visually expanded by:

  • using a bright palette for ceilings and walls with high contrast to floor design;
  • apply a lot of mirrors and glossy surfaces;
  • you can use transparent acrylic furniture as it has the ability to almost dissolve in the image of the room;
  • lighting systems distributed across functional segments, help not only to illuminate the existing space perfectly but also to increase its volume;
  • open planning allows the creation of universal premises in which light is freely distributed;
  • often in order to fill rooms with the maximum amount of natural light, the use of a textile on windows is prohibited.

Modern apartment interior design

In recent days, the apartments are developed to have everything that is needed for comfortable living. To save space, often, all partitions are removed (of course, only those which can be removed safely). The large room created in such a way is logically divided into functional areas: bedroom, living space, and kitchen. This is done by keeping in mind the fact that apartments are often used for the living of one or two adults with no children.

The modern home interior design follows the rule of use no more than 2-3 primary colors, a combination of interconnected textures, repeatability of accents, and decor. At the same time, each zone may be slightly different – the kitchen can be filled with smooth colors, more soft ones used in the bedroom, and so on.

The modern design of living quarters can carry some details from the latest trends, such as the Scandinavian style (tiles, white-gray-blue tones, Northlands ethnic decor) and the loft (hanging metal lamps, a brick walls, some parts of roughly processed wooden furniture).

Modern interior design in Limassol

The first thing that should be emphasized while talking about the «modern style» is that this is not the name of a particular style. It’s just a stylistic approach that responds to a «spirit of the time,» which manifests itself in the forms used in space design.

If to talk about the names of certain styles, then the modern can be called:

  • Minimalism;
  • Loft;
  • Neoclassic;
  • Ethnic;
  • Scandinavian.

These ones comply with the «modern style» definition and are consistent with current trends. In general, to create a modern house interior, a mixture of completely different elements from the different approaches is used. As an example, minimalism with ethnic elements.

But it is important to understand that the concept of modernity is relative, and not as important as your personal preferences. Fashion should not be driven away, and a minimalism interior design should not be chosen just because it is now in fashion. Choose what your soul wants as this only matters. When working on interior design, it is more important to perform the project on the chosen direction in good quality to make everything reasonable, harmonious, and professional.


The development of a modern interior design project without experience is quite difficult. There are certain risks and features that only professional designers can take into account. In A.K. Studio, you will find professionals who will realize all your dreams of harmonious and modern house interior design in Limassol.

You can look at the photos in gallery and order a similar interior design or create your own unique option. The most important thing for us is quality, comfort, and harmony that will fill your future living space!

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